ViewSonic PX701HDH 1080p Projector, 3500 Lumens, Supercolor, Vertical Lens Shift, Dual HDMI, 10w Speaker, Enjoy Sports and Netflix Streaming with…

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  • SUPERSIZED MOVIES AND GAMES: Immersive theater-like colors in Full HD (1920x1080p) on a screen up to 300-inches
  • BRIGHT IMAGES IN ANY ENVIRONMENT: 3500 lumens brightness for projection in both bright and dark environments
  • CINEMATIC COLORS: Exclusive SuperColor technology offers a wide color gamut for beautiful image production in nearly any environment
  • REDUCED 16MS INPUT LATENCY: Ideal for intense action-packed gaming, this projector delivers smooth images without delay
  • EASY SETUP: 1.1x optical zoom, and a vertical lens shift that offers up and down adjustments for flexible setup
Last updated on 26 марта, 2023 09:37 Details
ViewSonic PX701HDH 1080p Projector, 3500 Lumens, Supercolor, Vertical Lens Shift, Dual HDMI, 10w Speaker, Enjoy Sports and Netflix Streaming with…
ViewSonic PX701HDH 1080p Projector, 3500 Lumens, Supercolor, Vertical Lens Shift, Dual HDMI, 10w Speaker, Enjoy Sports and Netflix Streaming with…



Specification: ViewSonic PX701HDH 1080p Projector, 3500 Lumens, Supercolor, Vertical Lens Shift, Dual HDMI, 10w Speaker, Enjoy Sports and Netflix Streaming with…

Product Dimensions

12.2 x 4.4 x 8.7 inches

Item Weight

5.72 pounds

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

March 1, 2022



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12 reviews for ViewSonic PX701HDH 1080p Projector, 3500 Lumens, Supercolor, Vertical Lens Shift, Dual HDMI, 10w Speaker, Enjoy Sports and Netflix Streaming with…

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Jonny

    Works perfectly in my home cinema set up alongside my Sonos Playbar, Sonos Sub and 2xSonos Play 1 surrounds with a long optical lead from the Playbar to an HDMI splitter matrix and then a long HDMI lead to the projector. No lip sync issues at all.

    NB the review which suggests this product has a non-standard mini HDMI port is inaccurate. It has a normal HDMI port. It does have a mini USB port in case that impacts anyone.

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  2. haliscribbler

    Love it. Updated our previous projector (same one but older model) and the picture quality is amazing.

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    I decided long ago that the cost of a TV out paced the technology. For that reason I only use projectors in my media room. This particular projector is a replacement for an older viewsonic I had for over 8 years. With that kind of lifespan ill keep buying them over a TV every day that ends in day!

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  4. jason weisenberger

    This is a really nice projector doesn’t need a completely dark room for the picture to be great the only gripe I have is I wish it had horizontal lens shift because without it the setup is a pain but once up and running it really is a great projector and it has picture settings witch some dont

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  5. ThunderHawk

    If you want to watch blu ray 3D movies, you’ll need compatible DLP shutter glasses after connecting an HDMI cable from your blu ray 3D Player (PS3 with update for blu ray 3D). On the projector, there is not a mode to switch off the 3D effect to go into 2D, so that will depend on each disc. If it’s a 3D only disc, it’s only going to project with a double image that will require the DLP 3D glasses. The cinema Real D 3D glasses don’t work at all, I tried it.

    For the image, I have it set at 100″ or so, and the image quality is solid. The image is sharp, though there is a screen door effect when you look at the projected image closer and if you hold your hand into the beam of light, you’ll see it. But it still looks great. This is like having a movie theater in your home!

    While this has a speaker built into it, the sound has no bass and distorts at higher volume, with quiet volume even at the loudest setting. There is a 3.5 mm audio Jack OUTPUT that you can plug into the Viewsonic Projector that will allow you to connect any Computer based speakers that use a headphone jack to project the audible sound. Once it’s plugged in, it happens automatically. I listed with headphones on, and the quality is much better than the built in speaker. Will be trying a more powerful bass speaker set up soon.

    My biggest complaint is the Menu and remote controller menu. I want SUPER ECO MODE so I can get 15,000 hours instead of 5000 hours in Normal mode. That would be 7250 two hour movies that you can watch before the bulb dies out. That’s incredible. But the ONLY way I can get it to stay in Super Eco Mode for the slightly dimmer bulb setting (which by the way still looks great with bright whites and nice darkness), is to go into the settings, switch to that mode and then press EXIT on the remote. If you press Menu, adjust the volume, or any other input, it will automatically switch back to NORMAL 5000 hour mode due to terrible programming. And if the input blu ray film is switched, it also switches back to normal mode without you even doing anything. It’s ridiculous and 2/5 stars because of it for something so critical to making the projector bulb last 15000 hours as advertised.

    The box packaging this arrives in is strong and sturdy and well protected. The instructions however, are just pictures, so they are pretty much useless and I figured out the buttons and set up on my own. So in other words, just a «quick start up guide» instructions that are very lacking.

    Overall though, I’m very happy and thrilled with this new movie projector. You can also play PS4, PS5, PS3 games on it if you want, as well as regular blu rays, DVDs, and blu ray 3Ds. I haven’t tried a UHD disc yet, but the resolution may be affected since this outputs 1280 x 800 aspect ratio depending. Test out the best angle and set up for where you’ll project your image. I project it right onto my light cream colored wall and it’s perfect. I love it!

    With TV Manufacturers opting for 4K and 8K these days, they completely abandoned the 3D feature even though there are still studios releasing new 3D blu rays. So this ViewSonic is a very affordable alternative for your blu ray 3D player to display 3D films (compared to the $1000 to 2000+ models).

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  6. Andy K

    I’ve got to say, I love this unit — I bought it as a temporary solution/try out but will end up keeping it as found it so good/value for money. It’s not a native 1080P, but it delivers this really well, in fact anything I threw at it up to Full HD. The colours are great, but maybe lacks in the contrast, and it doesn’t not try compete with new projectors in the blacks, there is a glow. I have it in superECO mode for watching movies in a darkish room, and this reduces the fan noise to a very bearable level. In daylight ECO mode is fine and I still get a pretty strong projection. I was so impressed by this, I also bought the viewsonic PX747 4k I am yet to recieve, but if this little gem is anything to go by, I’m expecting to be blown away.

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  7. Gabe

    I was new to this projector world couple of month ago when I was looking for something to create a home cinema. Purchased two LED ones before on Amazon due to the »amazing» reviews.. I have to say around £200 you could get an okay one if you do not want bigger screen size than, let’s say 100″ ..however this Viewsonic one is a DLP(lamp) projector with HD quality only and has got one hdmi connection, it’s still better than the high tech (ish) (not soo cheap for what you’d get) LED/4KGaming/fake300» ones. This one is sharp, lens has minimum distortion and the brightness is very even all through the screen, projecting a real 300″ image — like 4-5 meters away from the screen is still crisp sharp!! This projector is called for real; quality for your money!!

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  8. Gerald Lombardi

    Using it in our church to replace old projector. Good quality image for the price I paid.

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  9. V. Martel

    I’m very pleased with the projector and cannot recommend it highly enough, great product and great price.

    I recently purchased this projector for a meeting room, I am extremely happy with the overall setup and performance.
    My requirement was an all rounder projector to connect to my laptop through HDMI, with a budget of approx. £250.
    I was looking for a flexible projector to put on a table, and no need to mount it.
    The white colour also makes it blend in the meeting room environment, and stylish compared to ones I have seen before. Also the size gives it the portability to move to another room if needed.

    Using in a small meeting room used for presentations and meetings, to replace our team sharing a laptop screen or borrowing a projector from a neighbouring office.
    The image is sharp with good contrast which is needed for small text and spreadsheets.
    As cost is factor, I have set in Eco mode and this will help prolong the lamp life, this mode has a good brightness and clarity level which we are using at the moment.

    To setup straight out the box was extremely easy, and using the key stone correction to get the image right on a flush white wall was quick, also the adjustable foot came in handy
    There is some ambient light in the meeting room and I initially thought that this would be a problem, but I found this did not cause a problem as the brightness and colours compensate.
    Sound is ok for 2W and if I needed anything louder I can connect an external speaker.
    Even though the primary usage is for office use, for an SVGA projector playing a video is still good quality.

    Overall this is a great all rounder projector for a small office/meeting room.

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  10. Nida

    When i opened the box i realised immediately why no image waa provided of the back of tbe projector to show the various ports. First off it is a mini HDMI port — which is not stated ANYWHERE — so not standard and frankly stupid. Secondly, no bluetooth tech means you can only use the only ONE audio port. In short i havent even turned this machine on and I’m already fed up with it and the amount of additional cables and tech I’ll need before I can even use it.

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  11. CH

    I use the projector for exclusively outdoor movie nights. My previous set up (an ageing NEC projector) has been the source of many happy family memories. With COVID limiting social gatherings, I wanted to create a better experience … and hopefully one that was easier to set up. Achieving this turned out to be an interesting journey so thought I would share in case it helps anyone. The short version – the View Sonic PA 503S was the winner, but whether this makes sense for you does depend on what you need from a projector. Read on for the details…
    Initially I went back and forth on whether it was worth upgrading at all. My existing set up was a 10 yr old NEC projector, a bed sheet, and UE Boom speaker. It had the huge advantage of being available & free! However, there were some things I was looking for in an upgrade. Highest on my list was the ability to use a cell phone as an input source (the NEC projector could only use an input from a portable DVD player), plus it needed to be almost fully dark before I started the movie. In addition, it was fiddly to set up and the sound was not great.
    The screen was the first issue to solve. After significant research, I went with a Yard Master 135” screen. It was expensive, but it works great and I am very happy with it. I can relocate movie watching from where I used to hang the bedsheet to the more convenient location of my back patio – much more comfortable. I addressed the audio by using a Vizio sound bar I had lying around, which gave a huge leap in performance.
    Now for the projector… and here is where it gets interesting. I attempted to research projectors, but there were only a few sites I could find that did a decent comparison test. In fact, many sites comparing projectors seemed to simply re-cycle the marketing blurb from each product. One can spend $100 or $1000 on a projector, and its not easy to figure out whether spending more gets you a better experience. So I bought 3 projectors and ran a back to back test.
    The units I tested were the ViewSonic PA503S ($300), the Vankyo Leisure 3 ($127) and the QKK Mini Projector (2020 version, claiming 4200 Lux, cost $100). I also found a cable which promised to turn HDMI signal into an S-Video input, which I could then plug into the NEC projector. Findings below.
    4th place. NEC projector plus cable. Failed to get out of the starting blocks. The cable did not do as promised, and ended up mangling the Netflix formatting.
    3rd place. Vankyo Leisure 3. Did a great job with video display. It was a little brighter (but not by much) vs the NEC. The focus ring and keystone adjustment feel like the weak spot for this unit.. and likely all similarly priced mini projectors. On this particular unit, the keystone adjustment was so loose it shifted when you adjusted the focus. And the focus had to be cranked right to end extreme in order to get a sharp image … to be honest it wasn’t really in focus even then. My guess is that this was just the unit I had… but it did not inspire confidence As with many reviewers, I could not get Netflix to produce sound thru the projector, but that was not a show stopper as I am using a sound bar with ARC-HDMI input as my audio.
    2nd place. QKK. Like the Vankyo, it did a great job of video, and had the same audio issues. Video was sharp, and a little brighter vs the NEC. It was relatively short throw… I filled the 135” screen at a projection distance of around 12 feet, which worked well for my set up. A word on quality control. Like the Vankyo, focus / keystone adjustment is a weak spot. It’s a very plasticky and crude mechanism. Incredibly I had to buy 3 of these units before I got one that worked. The first one was a lemon – it never focused properly. You could get focus in the center of the screen but not the edges, which really killed us when we had a movie with sub titles. The 2nd unit was lost in delivery. Amazon refunded it. The 3rd one I reviewed here. Its focus ring / keystone adjustment mechanism worked well, and it was easy to get good focus.

    1st place. View Sonic PA503S. The View Sonic is at a completely different level of quality, plus it offers one huge advantage – it is literally twice as bright as the QKK & Vankyo. Firstly the image – its clear, and the focus is easy to adjust to perfection. No softness at the edge of the screen, it was ‘movie theater’ quality. One slight difference vs the QKK… the throw is a little longer. I needed 19 feet projection distance to fill the screen, thankfully not a problem for my set up. Secondly audio – Netflix works on this unit. Again, I had a work around so this wasn’t essential, but in case that matters for your set up. Most importantly of all, the brightness. The View Sonic claims 3600 lumens. It was (by eyeball estimation) twice as bright as the others. This means I can start watching a movie just as the sun goes down, fully 1 hour before the QKK / Vankyo were viable options. This turns out to be a huge deal. The QKK and Vankyo both needed it to be fully dark to watch the movie. Around here that means starting to watch a movie at 9:20pm in the summer… and therefore finishing well after 11pm. With the View Sonic I can start watching at 8:15pm. For comparison the QKK claims 4200 lux, and after some digging I found a claim of 2200 lumens. So for me, a combination of brightness plus a generally much improved build quality convinced me to keep the $300 View Sonic and return the others.

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  12. z

    This was the cheapest projector I could find that seemed to meet all my requirements without any fatal flaws. I hoped it would cost less.

    I’ve been using this as my main TV for several weeks and so far am happy with it. Notes:

    — Good brightness. No problem watching in daytime, do sometimes close the blinds.
    — Internal speaker is OK but we did end up hooking up a better speaker via 3.5mm.
    — Keystone correction is digital-only.
    — Lens has zoom adjustment but it’s limited.
    — Projector gets quite hot while operating.
    — Picture quality is sharp, with good color. Overall very happy with the visual experience.

    So far this projector has met my expectations and I have no major gripes. I will update this review if it craps out…

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