Twelve South AirFly Pro | Wireless Transmitter/Receiver with Audio Sharing for up to 2 AirPods/Wireless Headphones to Any Audio Jack for use on…

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  • NO MORE CORDS: Wirelessly transmit audio from in-flight entertainment, gym equipment, gaming devices, TV’s or any 3.5 audio jack. Use your AirPods, earbuds or wireless headphones anywhere with no more cords in the way. Now you don’t have to sacrifice audio quality/comfort in flight.
  • NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERY LIFE : AirFly Pro has a battery life of 25+ hours to cover even the longest flight. If you forget to charge before take off, AirFly Pro can be used while charging with the included cable.
  • TRANSMIT / RECEIVE WITHOUT WIRES: AirFly Pro has a 10m/33ft reach so you can relax with plenty of space to enjoy your content.
  • Use AirFly Pro where there is no Bluetooth available to allow item such as wired speakers/soundbars, rental cars, and boat sound systems to wirelessly receive audio from gaming devices, phones or tablets.
  • «Tech Specs — Bluetooth 5.0, Audio Codecs: aptX Low Latency, aptX and SBC audio. Battery Life: 25+ hours Included — AirFly Pro, USB-C charging cable, travel pouch, keychain holder, quick start guide, manual»
  • NOTES: AirPods must be INSIDE AirPod Case to enter pairing mode and we recommend turning off nearby bluetooth devices like your phone when pairing on planes. AirFly features industry leading Bluetooth with aptX Low Latency Codecs. If you are experiencing anything less than high quality audio, first check the audio source. Regarding latency, ensure your device supports Bluetooth 5.2
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Twelve South AirFly Pro | Wireless Transmitter/Receiver with Audio Sharing for up to 2 AirPods/Wireless Headphones to Any Audio Jack for use on…
Twelve South AirFly Pro | Wireless Transmitter/Receiver with Audio Sharing for up to 2 AirPods/Wireless Headphones to Any Audio Jack for use on…




Specification: Twelve South AirFly Pro | Wireless Transmitter/Receiver with Audio Sharing for up to 2 AirPods/Wireless Headphones to Any Audio Jack for use on…

Product Dimensions

1.75 x 1.25 x 0.38 inches

Item Weight

0.564 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Connectivity technologies


Special features


Other display features



AirFly Pro

Whats in the box

Bluetooth transmitter/receiver


Twelve South

Date First Available

January 3, 2020

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12 reviews for Twelve South AirFly Pro | Wireless Transmitter/Receiver with Audio Sharing for up to 2 AirPods/Wireless Headphones to Any Audio Jack for use on…

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  1. A. S.

    Overall this device works well. I have had it for a week now, I charged it up completely then started using it with my regular use case — listening to a pocket radio when I walk my dog in the morning.
    I paired it up with my Galaxy Buds+ and the pairing was easy. Worked the first time I tried.

    Have now used it for 5 days straight on a fully charged unit — 2-3 hours per day. Still on the single charge.

    Every morning I put in my earbuds in, turn on the device, then turn on the radio. The Buds+ connect every time, and by the time I turn on the radio everything is working properly and I am listening to my favorite morning show.

    Have not tried pairing a second set of earbuds but likely will this weekend.

    Range is adequate (since I keep it in my pocket). Stays connected when I go across the house about half way, then it starts to get a little «warbly», but that is to be expected. I will try it on a plane in a couple of weeks and if there are any issues I will update but I suspect that for listening to the movies audio and music will work well.

    Concerns — The connection of the device at the base of the unit and also the the plug, the unit is a bit wobbly and I wonder how long before the connection is broken. Easy to forget on a plane, I have left a Kindle Paperwhite in the seat pocket on a trip, I can see me leaving this plugged in to the seat back when deplaning. Battery recharge life — how long will it hold a good charge like it does now.

    I recommend this device, even at the price point. It delivers on connectivity, battery life, ease of use.

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  2. ezeitouni

    Bought to attach to Virgin Atlantic on-board entertainment system. Worked well when single audio port was available. Less well when a double port was standard and a converter used- seemed to lose connection after a few minutes and needed to keep re-connecting. Comparison was the differing outbound and return aircraft.

    Remember to check that you’re in transmit mode, and also when pairing DO NOT HAVE IT PLUGGED INTO THE AUDIO SOCKET, plug it in once paired, this improves connection. Successfully paired 2 Apple AirPods so both can watch a single screen film. There is a very slight audio delay but it is negligible. Remeber to keep the AirPods in the charging case when pairing.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    I use this in my car as a receiver. I have a Mercedes that doesn’t support bluetooth music streaming. My car does support bluetooth phone connection. That’s important because if you’re in my situation then when you connect this little dongle you will have two separate bluetooth connections going on. One for your phone directly to your car system for phone calls, and the other to this dongle plugged into your aux port. For me, it all works well. There’s a few quirks that are a tad annoying. It has a pretty good range and when I get home if I don’t manually disconnect from it on my phone, then it continues streaming from inside my house. I don’t know it because the car is off, but consequently my phone won’t make any sound because it’s all being transmitted to my car (and it’s also draining the battery of the dongle). Just make sure to break the connection when you park if you’re going to be in range. If you walk far enough away from it it disconnects automatically and turns itself off. The other thing I don’t like about it is that you have to turn it on every time you get back in your car. Not that big a deal but my aux port is on my glovebox, so every time I get in my car I have to start the car, then open my glovebox and hold the button on the dongle for four seconds then close the glovebox.

    The sound quality is quite good, I don’t hear any hiss or noise so they must be using a decent DAC. All in all it’s an inexpensive way to stream music from your phone to your car hands free using Siri (I’m using iPhone).

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  4. Bill E.

    So, here’s my situation: I wanted to use the latest Apple AirPods pro 2 with a basic portable CD player that doesn’t have any Bluetooth technology. I have many several great sounding Bluetooth wireless earbuds and AirPods and I couldn’t go back to plugging a wired old style earphone and deal with a rubbery cord that keep rubbing against my chin. Besides, I don’t have any good quality wired earphones. I have gone completely wireless.

    This Device “AirFly Pro” Really solved my problem! It took about 5 seconds to plug it into USB-C charger and pair with my newest AirPods Pro 2 while charging! And lo and behold! It works! I popped a CD in that portable CD player and plugged the ”AirFly Pro” and Now I’m able to listen to my CDs on the go with my good quality AirPods or earbuds. I also paired with a pair of «Soundpeats Air Deluxe HS» which took a little longer to pair than the Apple AirPods, but worked well and also sounded great!

    I’m happy about the idea that once you pair your AirPods or earbuds to this device, you can plug into any audio device, old or new — it really doesn’t matter as long as the device has an Aux/headphones output. The possibilities are limitless!

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  5. A. Kendall

    Enables AirPod use on aircraft entertainment system. Once you’re used to it it’s trouble-free but like everything you need to be familiar with the use so you can turn it on/off to keep the battery charge. There are YouTube demos that explain the advantages / disadvantages, but this the recommended one (2022) and it works well.

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  6. Cent Fl User

    Even with the news of Delta Air Lines adding bluetooth connectivity to IFE (on new Airbus neos for now), I honestly expect that to be flaky and would much rather trust something consistent like this.

    I wanted to note that I have successfully paired this with AirPods Pro 2 and find it to be fairly intuitive so far. It seems that once it has been paired, the AirFly with auto-connect to the AirPods when turned on, which will interrupt existing listening on the iPhone/Macbook. Playing audio on either of these Apple devices doesn’t seem to interrupt AirFly, which is exactly the kind of functionality I expect. After I turn off the AirFly, I simply enter the iOS/Mac bluetooth menu to reconnect. So far, the handoff back and forth has been really smooth.

    First time pairing took me a second, but once I actually read the instructions and followed them I was good to go. I’ve noticed that sometimes on a reconnect the AirFly may connect to only one earbud. The fix for that is to put both AirPods into their case for a moment with the lid up without doing anything to the AirFly (like turning it off/on etc) — this seems to always instantly fix pairing issues.

    HIGHLY recommend initial setup on the ground, not on plane.

    I have not yet attempted two simultaneous connections, but next time I travel with the partner I’ll give it a shot.

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  7. Bill E.

    This product is great. Used it on a 6 hour flight with no problems at all.

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  8. Les Farrington

    I have a new pair of Apple AirPods Pro2, they in themselves are brilliant. I also have a Naim Unity Atom headphone edition amplifier which comes “without” Bluetooth so I decided to “” and see what’s available which only succeeded in putting me off buying anything.

    A google search bought up the AirFly Pro and a read was enough to convince me this was the item to buy, especially as it’s also available in the Apple Store and I was going to use it with the old AirPods 2 and the latest AirPods Pro2.

    The AirFly Pro arrived today and does not disappoint, simple to pair to both sets of AirPods and really good audio when using the TV and the Naim, yes there is a slight audio mismatch which I can correct with a setting in the TV.

    So all in all no complaints and a recommended product. For some reason the price increased overnight after my purchase, yes I’m going to get another AirFly Pro but not until it’s on offer, having said that even at the inflated price it’s still cheaper than buying in the Apple Store.

    I hope it works as well for you as it does for me.

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  9. JD

    Sound cut out a couple times not sure why. Will try them again to see if it continues to happen or if it was just that flight. Love not having a cable to get tangled up in

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  10. Suzette Lawson

    I did take me a moment to connect my apple airpods, once they connected it was great. I also connected some Samsung wireless headphones as the second set of headphones and they connected. The other person said the volume was low for them.

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  11. A. Kendall

    I use this device to connect my airpods to my work computer, as it doesn’t allow bluetooth connectivity and Is too far away for wired headphones. It works perfectly for this purpose, however I do find it sometimes cuts out for a second or two if the headphones aren’t in direct sight of the earphones. I will also be using this for a long haul flight, and I am looking forward to being able to use my own earphones as I don’t like the ones they give on planes. I also use this for the receiving function to play music in my car wirelessly, it is fantastic for this purpose if you have an older car without bluetooth! Works seamlessly and so easy to connect, and once it’s found your phone it remembers it everytime. Over all a fantastic product!

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  12. M.J.S.

    The Airfly Pro is a lovely product which looks like it has been designed by Apple and looks very good together with my Airpods Pro. It comes with a soft bag and USB-C charging wire which is big enough to store everything including my Airpods. The Airfly paired right away with my Airpods and no fuss. I was eager to test the Airfly before my upcoming 9 hour flight so I tested it on the headphone jack of my home computer. I checked that I had the latest firmware of my Airpods Pro which is 4C165 at the time of writing. I had read that some problems had been reported with Airpods Pro and low volume issues but I need not have been worried at all. I played a few Youtube videos with spoken words and music and found the sound to be perfect. I could turn the volume to maximum and I found no distortion and it was more than loud enough. I am more than pleased with this product which will enable me to watch inflight movies wireless on my Airpods. Absolutely brilliant!

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