Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone and Android with Mic / 40 Hour Battery Life / Extra Bass Tech / Best for…

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  • Feel the bass tuned to you — Listen to songs the way they were made to be heard. With Audiodo customization the Crusher Evo analyzes your hearing and produces sound specifically for YOU. Adjust the bass with a slide to produce bass you can feel!
  • One Fat Battery — 40 hours of listening off of 1 charge so whether you’re on an all day gaming sesh or just don’t have time to charge you’ll know that you still have some juice. If you do run out a 10 minute quicky… charge will give you 4 hours of play!
  • What the **** is Crusher Tech? Have you ever wanted to really feel the bass? Now you can! Boost your bass with the bass slider, mellow out or go all in skull crushing! YOU decide. Crusher Tech enhances your iPhone, Android or Computer audio experience.
  • Best thing since sliced bread, little more comfortable though. The Crusher Evo achieves this level of comfort through a thick padded headband and foam cushion ear pads and use the integrated hidden mic for calls.
  • Travel with Crusher — Take your Crusher Evo travelling with you, proivded is a durable travel bag to protect your headphones while on the move. Plus, fold the Crusher Evo to protect them and save space.
  • Never Lost & Warranty — With Tile Tech, if you misplace your Crusher Evo you can easily track them down and keep you gadgets safe! Also a 1 Year warranty is included with the Crusher Evo, wear your headphones in full confidence.
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Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone and Android with Mic / 40 Hour Battery Life / Extra Bass Tech / Best for…
Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone and Android with Mic / 40 Hour Battery Life / Extra Bass Tech / Best for…




Specification: Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone and Android with Mic / 40 Hour Battery Life / Extra Bass Tech / Best for…

Product Dimensions

7.91 x 7.36 x 3.54 inches

Item Weight

0.01 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 2, 2020





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7 reviews for Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone and Android with Mic / 40 Hour Battery Life / Extra Bass Tech / Best for…

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  1. Vernal Scott

    I can rattle on for pages on headphones having owned something new every 6 months for the past decade. From Sennheiser, Bose, Dre Beats, Pioneer, Shure, RHD, Jabra, JVC, Kenwood seriously the list goes on, I’ve had them all.

    The thing I’ve been searching for are Bluetooth headphones straight out the box that provide unparalleled amounts of bass without having to use an amp. These paired with my Samsung Note20 Ultra playing dub/d&b/UK garage/Hip-Hop/R&B sound ridiculous. I have to have the bass set to around half as these will give ur ear drums a serious pounding.

    Sound wise overall, not bad, especially given that they have an app to create a personalised sound profile. Tbh, if I want to listen to music in its crisp format, to hear the highs, mids and lows, I’ve got other headphones for this purpose. However, if I want a massive grin on my face because my whole face is rattling and the low sound of bass that kicks in during a track that makes you jump comes on, then these are the cans for u!!! The physical sensation these bring to the table is amazing — it’s like being sat in my brother’s car that has two 15 inch sundown subs. There are certain frequencies these headphones won’t like but anything between 25k/30k-60k hz sounds amazing. I tried them with some ultra low music which are tracks you can find online that have had the bass customised to a lower frequency purposefully. Anything lower than 25k hz they didn’t really like. Also, punchy bass was a bit of headache after a while — they prefer that rolling bass at the frequencies pointed out above.

    The only thing for me that compares to these are my JVC Kenwood HA-SZ2000’s paired with the Fiio BTR5. Those have a more crisp overall sound whilst delivering amazing lows but these will set u back anything between £750-£1250 brand new and the BTR5 just over £100.

    Therefore, in conclusion, for £120 squid, decent build quality and lovely fit (for my odd shaped head anyways) these are by far the best sounding «straight out the box» bass headphones I’ve come across on the market so far.

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  2. Wes VK

    After like 9 sets of over-ear headphones, I’ve FINALLY found my winner! I’ve heard other Skullcandy stuff before, so I’d have literally chosen these DEAD LAST for who I suspected would be my favorite. I literally scowled at their stuff when I saw it in stores. NOT ANYMORE!!! I’ll start with the cons, since that’s the easiest thing to get out of the way.

    Cons: My only complaint is comfort. They aren’y UNcomfortable, they’re just NOT comfortable. But for the first time ever, I don’t even remotely care. They clamp tighter than I like (I use them for VERY long sessions, so the lighter, the better). Also, the cups are slightly too small for my ears to relax in. Most people as picky about sound as me (I’m literally a sound guy) can hear that they aren’t «premium» in that department. These are NOT for listening to lossless sound, but if you’re dealing with lossless, why are you even dabbling in this price bracket, yo? But as someone that can HEAR a VBR mp3 change it’s bitrate, these still sound great overall.

    Pros: Can definitely feel a more premium material feel than sub $100, so that’s good. The slit on top for bald guys is actually VERY nice! Only time I’ve ever seen that and it DOES make a difference! I can’t believe I’m gonna say this about Skullcrusher, but the sound is actually AWESOME. I always hate having to EQ new sets for an hour or 2 as soon as I get em. These are exactly where I like it, out of the box. Maybe a TINY bit more lows could be better, but I’d rather just leave it because of the bass «booster». It doesn’t actually bring out any more bass than what’s there, it’s more like a vibrator for your headset (and depending how high you set it, your actual head, lol). What’s neat is that it actually REALLY improves the listening experience WITHOUT having to ruin how it sounds! REALLY adds to immersion when gaming, ESPECIALLY in racing games where you can FEEL your V8! Easily the COOLEST feature of ANY headphone set anywhere!

    Conclusion: I’m going to have to slowly buy more of these, because I don’t think I can ever go back to regular sets after this. That «booster» is THAT cool! No BS, before half «boost», these can BLUR YOUR VISION! Doing something where you don’t want that? They were BRILLIANT and put the slider for it on the other side, so it’s VERY easy to find, away from everything else.

    The greatest word choice in the WORLD cannot do these things justice. You have to EXPERIENCE them to understand them. But go ahead and pass on them. More inventory for me to eventually buy anyway!

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  3. Vernal Scott

    I thought I was happy with my cheap old August EP650 headphones, but a popular you tube reviewer made me curious about this Evo set and I took the plunge. I put some Beyonce on my Tab S7+ via Bluetooth and when the bass hit me I had to pick my head up off the floor. I then had to go next door to collect my ears. This headset is beyond insane. I never heard anything like it; not just bass but highs and mids, too. I haven’t tried the related app yet because using Poweramp to turn up the volume even more works for me. The Evo is very comfortable to use and isn’t at all heavy. The controls, including the wickedly effective bass slider, are easy to reach and manipulate to my liking. Design wise, the Evo looks pretty unassuming for its price, but that’s not a complaint. Overall, the Evo is the equivalent of putting a mega DJ sound system on your head. Expect to be moved in more ways than you can imagine. The only downside: I’ll miss the ability to scan through a long track to get to my favourite bits. My old headset had no problem doing that but the new Evo does not have that much loved ability.

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  4. Azaad Kukha-Bryson

    It wasn’t bad at all, but I guess I should have done a bit more research. I read about the mind blasting bass and wanted to try it out for myself — I love bass. It was described as having “bass you can feel” and bass that can rattle your skull.

    Well it does rattle your skull but it’s because there are haptic feedback drivers built in that literally vibrate your head along to the beat. The head shaking doesn’t really come from the sound but a clever trick that makes it seem like the bass is rattling the cans madly.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is still real bass and the head rattling experience is fun. But don’t be mislead into thinking the feeling is from the actual power of the drivers or the sound itself — it is a vibrator for your ears.

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  5. Arkten Arachlassair

    First of all, a bit about me that’s relevant. Idk if I’d call myself an audiophile per say, but, my range of hearing is fine to the level of better than most musicians.

    Nothing messes with me more than when I have a cheap pair of headphones which interfere with what I’m listening to…. If their cheap and they distort the sound, or, are insane with treble so as to be piercing, I’ll notice and it’ll probably be painful to my ears. Most of the audio ranges I hear are at the — 10 range, meaning, almost perfect hearing.

    That means, even on a $20 set of headphones, I’ll probably use them because of necessity, but hate the experience because of how much they interfere with my experience since I can tell if there’s a quality issue even at a very fine degree, I’ll find it and it’ll bug me, and, given that I have headphones on most of they day and listen to things frequently, it’s important that I buy quality headphones.

    So, I’m no stranger to Skull Candy. Their audio quality is the best of all the headphones I’ve had over the decades. The issue which always has me hesitant to buy them is a matter of durability.

    Most of my less expensive Skullcandy headphones have broken very easily, which sucked when I was on the go… It was to the point which I was hesitant to buy these headphones because of similar fears and the price…

    That said, these headphones were an investment, and and investment that panned out.

    I’ve been using the Crusher Evo headphones for more than a year now, constantly, daily, most of the day and even when sleeping, so, this review is based on almost 24/7 usage for more than a year… And…

    They’re still working amazing, the battery life is still phenomenal, the advertising that states they’re able to play for hours on a charge of only a few minutes is absolutely true too. I’ve accidentally stepped on them, I’ve slept with them on most nights, and nothing has happened except that, after such heavy usage, today one of the earpads got a tear around the edge that tucks under the plastic of the headphones which… Thankfully, they sell replacements for the foam.

    The product is sturdy, has a very nice feel, solid, durable weight and plastic, the foam wraps around the ears nicely, and I can easily get a proper, snug fit every time which, I have a big-ish head and long-ish ears, so, that’s not something that’s easy for me usually.

    Not only are they extremely comfortable and scream quality from their physical aspects, but it came with a rugged carrying bag and nice aux chord, and extremely high quality long charging cable. It didn’t come with a charging brick, but has worked with all the charging bricks I’ve used on them, including my Nintendo Switch charger.

    Now, all that’s fine… Being the most durable and comfortable feeling headphones is important… But, headphones can feel amazing, but have Crap sound quality so, that’s the aspect I love the most about these… That sound quality…. One word… Amazing…

    So, everything sounds accurate, there’s no distortion and, even having been playing things at max volume for a year straight, there’s still no distortion and everything sounds just as amazing as they used to. One of the aspects I love is the bass…

    That’s another thing I need to be spot on with headphones, bass. They could be clear, have accurate sound and everything, but of there is no bass, or the bass is very weak, I physically can’t use the headphones… That’s how important bass is to me… Furthermore, accurate bass is a necessity. Idk how many pairs of headphones I ended up chucking into the bin because, yeah, they had powerful bass, but that bass wasn’t accurate, and that bass lead to the rest of the sounds being obscured/distorted/sounding like someone is talking normally right next to a sub-woofer.

    These headphones play the bass loud, accurate, and do so without compromising the quality of the rest of the audio… And… Holy gods…. I was startled to the point the headphones flew off my ears by how powerful the bass is when you adjust the slider on them to max bass boost… Why? They vibrated intensely. Not in a bad way, as in, when you have them on and the bass hits and vibrates the speakers, you won’t be bothered by it/it won’t cause an unpleasant feeling, but it is there and…. Idk… I find I like it because it’s a part of the engineering of the headphones and not an unintended result.

    That said, these are, by far, the best audi investment I’ve ever made. I have used them constantly for a full year extremely heavily, and they’re still here and working just the same. By contrast, previously, I’d have gone through 5/6 pairs of other headphones by Now, so…. If you can afford these, get them.

    They are technically a headset unit, and actually prefer to take calls with them, but, I can’t tell you if the microphone quality is the best, just that I haven’t had any complaints from anyone, so, given that even with the best microphone on prior headsets, I got complaints, I’d imagine that is also good with these headphones because, I have never gotten a complaint or someone saying «You’re breaking up. What did you say?».

    These will be used when I get back to mixing tracks and making music when I fix my computer, that’s how good they are.

    Tl;Dr — Worth it.

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  6. Nick

    I have now owned the last 2 revisions of the Crusher Evo’s, and the original Crushers. This revision pounds harder than the last 2 I’ve owned, by a considerable amount. You won’t find any headphones with bass harder than these under $600. By far the best dollar/decibel ratio. The bass does bleed into the mids a bit, but when you buy headphones that focus solely on the bass, what do you expect?

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  7. Katina

    Okay let me start by saying I never ever write reviews. This is one of my first reviews so here it goes:
    I grew up with headphones on my head. Constantly listening to music especially rap and electro. For 9 years I have been pursuing the best Bass headphones. I love bass, I am obsessed with bass. It’s always been a struggle to find headphones that have enough bass. I bought countless of pairs with the »promise of good bass». Every single time I go like »Meh I guess it’s fine, they just have not yet figured out the technology to put a real subwoofer inside a headset» . Last years I got my hopes up when my mom gifted me the Scullcandy Venue. The bass was pretty good but I was still not satisfied. 1 month ago I broke my Venue’s in the gym and was quite disheartened. I started searching again for headphones and went on the best seller list on Amazon and bought a pair for £35 (they promised they had a bass boost as my venues did). Well when you pay peanuts you get monkeys. So I returned them immediately and started researching. After 5 long days of research I found out that these are the headphones that are considered the best in terms of bass and the best in terms of quality/value.

    Long story short today I was blasted away. After 9 long years the technology is finally here. This is INSAAAAAAANE. They have been 5 hours on my head and are still on my head as I write this review. I have a huge headache but nevertheless I can’t help but enjoy it. My teeth are shaking and I can feel the bass behind my eyeballs. If you are looking to gift someone a pair of Headphones THIS IS IT ! I Promise you if he is not impressed I will pay you seriously. They managed to impress me who has not been impressed for 9 long years. I showed them to my friends today and recorded their reactions. They couldn’t believe their ears. All of them ended up buying a pair immediately.

    When the product is so god damn good it’s just a no brainer.
    It’s like someone just offered you a 1 kg bar of gold for £140. Would you take it?
    Best Christmas for me for sure.

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