Roku Voice Remote Pro | Rechargeable voice remote with TV controls, lost remote finder, private listening, hands-free voice controls, and shortcut…

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  • Rechargeable battery: Keep your remote powered with any standard USB charger, so you don’t have to worry about batteries
  • Control your TV: No need to juggle multiple remotes—turn your TV on and off, adjust the volume, mute, and control your streaming all with this Roku replacement remote
  • Lost remote finder: Simply say,Hey Roku, where’s my remote. or find it with the free Roku mobile app, so you don’t have to tear the room apart
  • Private listening: Plug headphones (sold separately) into this Roku remote with headphone jack to crank up the volume on your TV without disturbing the house
  • Hands-free voice: Just say, Hey Roku for easy voice search and controls without reaching for the remote—turn captions on, launch channels, and more
  • Your choice for voice: Easily choose between hands-free and push-to-talk voice controls with the flip of a switch
  • Personal shortcut buttons: Set personal shortcuts with your voice, so you can launch a playlist, adjust settings, and more in a press
  • Works with most Roku devices: This Roku remote control replacement is compatible with all Roku TV brands, Roku audio devices, and most recent Roku players—some older models may not be supported
  • Compatible with all Roku TV models, Roku Express, Roku Express plus, Roku Express 4k, Roku Express 4k plus, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streaming Stick plus, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere plus, Roku Ultra, Roku Ultra LT, Roku SE, Roku Smart Soundbar, Roku Streambar, and Roku Streambar Pro.
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Roku Voice Remote Pro | Rechargeable voice remote with TV controls, lost remote finder, private listening, hands-free voice controls, and shortcut…
Roku Voice Remote Pro | Rechargeable voice remote with TV controls, lost remote finder, private listening, hands-free voice controls, and shortcut…




Specification: Roku Voice Remote Pro | Rechargeable voice remote with TV controls, lost remote finder, private listening, hands-free voice controls, and shortcut…

Product Dimensions

5.7 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches

Item Weight

2.8 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

April 13, 2021



Отзывы (12)

12 reviews for Roku Voice Remote Pro | Rechargeable voice remote with TV controls, lost remote finder, private listening, hands-free voice controls, and shortcut…

3.9 out of 5
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  1. Awsamuel

    We purchased this remote on to use in Canada, so that we could program our own shortcut buttons. When we couldn’t program the buttons successful, I did a deep dive on the Roku community support site, and eventually discovered that the shortcut buttons don’t work outside the US. (Not sure why not!) Also, this remote comes with 4 pre-programmed shortcuts, which are not programmable, and one of them is dedicated to Hulu, which is not available in Canada. So all in all, a very expensive remote with limited functionality if you want to use it in Canada.

    Also note that the volume/power buttons only work with traditional TVs; we have a projector + sound bar so those features don’t work either.

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  2. paul mannering

    i give it a 3 as the headphone input dose not work when you put your headphone in… any kind headphone did not work on this Roku Voice Remote Pro…

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  3. Arkansan

    Look, if you use the headphone jack on your Roku remote only occasionally, you won’t understand the thrill of being able to recharge this remote with a USB cable. But if you are like me and sleep with Forensic Files as white noise, you’ll join me in celebrating. No more fumbling with AA batteries in the middle of the night! No more buying batteries in 48-packs that cost as much as this Roku! It will literally pay for itself in six months. I do not use the voice command feature, so I can’t review that, but the volume control is excellent. Also, you can turn your TV on and off with this remote.

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  4. codo

    One of the biggest selling points for me with this remote were the two personal shortcut buttons. These have been disabled outside the US for some nonsensical reason with a recent update so please stick with one of the cheaper options rather than buying this one if you are in Canada.

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  5. C. C. Rodgers

    This is a great upgrade from the regular Roku remotes.
    1. Charging rather than batteries is great. I always hate putting in new batteries because those AAA batteries are in there tight
    2. The «find my remote» feature is great! All of the Roku remotes are small so this is a nice feature
    3. Love being able to dedicate an app to one of the save buttons. My elderly in-laws stay with us quite a bit and they can’t really understand anything but a cable box. So, them being able to simply turn on the TV then hit #1 to get them to YouTube TV is awesome
    4. I don’t know if this is new to this remote but this one uses a RF signal which is nice! The remote that came with the TV you had to point it directly at the TV to communicate. Also, because I have a TCL Roku TV that part might only work on my TV. At any rate I love it.

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  6. Kurt Mosiejczuk

    I’ve had several grades of remote control, from the cheapest one that came with a super-cheap 720p Roku TCL TV to this one.

    This is the best. Better than the one that came with my big TCL 6-series TV. The built-in battery lasts a _long_ time, even with the voice recognition left on. Think months.

    It’s got the ability to be located like many of the non-TV-bundled roku remotes. But I _love_ being able to ask the remote to locate itself. It’s fallen into some corner in the room and I just say «Hey Roku, locate remote» and it starts chiming.

    The voice recognition is ok. I mainly use it to pause, unpause, and power off my TV. Volume down and up work via voice but do like 4 increases/decreases, so not a substitute for the remote for fine-tuning volume. Searching for shows/movies via voice is fairly hit or miss. I still love the feature overall.

    I can see not wanting to drop to $28-30 it usually runs on amazon if I bought a cheap Roku streaming device, but if you got one bundled with your TV, I’d recommend getting this one.

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  7. WanderLust

    TL;DR Pray it doesn’t die on you coz Customer Service is a nightmare!

    LOVED this when I first got it. It worked like a dream. My only gripe was that it only recognized my son’s voice. Wouldn’t take any orders from me. Kinda like my cat 🙂 No big deal, everything else was great.

    Then suddenly one day it lost sound. I unplugged the headphones, still no sound. Did all kinds of troubleshooting and finally realized that every time I plugged my earphones into the jack, it would disconnect/unpair from the Roku. I figured it was the earphones so I got a new pair; same thing happened. This all happened a week past the 30-day return window so Amazon refused to replace it. They did connect me to Roku though, and after hours of phone calls and weeks of waiting I finally got a replacement yesterday. Problem is it was the wrong one! They sent the basic battery-operated remote with no private listening. I called them back and the line got cut (or I got hung up on) 4 times. Finally got someone, only to be told I’d need to talk to Amazon. Called Amazon and after a lengthy debate, I was put through to a Supervisor who initiated a refund for the purchase.

    I would buy it again but my confidence in the product has been shaken.

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  8. Phil

    I have not evaluated its voice command capability. If I want my Roku TV to do something, I press the appropriate button(s). I had a wireless headset that gave out on me, and since I have some nice wired Sony headphones, I gave this remote a try. The sound quality is as good as the headphones you plug into it.

    I’ve seen reviews about the battery running down quickly when you use headphones with it. I only use the headphones when I ride my exercise bike (45 minutes a day) and then I plug them back into the charger and use my other remote that has replaceable batteries. It works great for that.

    If I start using the headphone plug-in for longer periods of time, I will update this review.

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  9. Sarah

    You wouldn’t believe how much my child misplaces my remote and this remote finder helps so much. My son lost my original remote and it literally just got found two months later. Now I did have some issues with my first I purchase from another big brand store which ended up being cheaper on here anyways. That one just stopped working after a week but I still loved all the functions and capabilities it had. So I decided nope I’m buying my next one from off Amazon and I would’ve the first time but they had sold so much I would’ve needed to wait like a week to get it. Well by the time the first one I got messed up they had them in stock and I jumped on it. It’s been so wonderful I just love this remote I can’t tell you how many times it’s been misplaced by my 5 year old and it’s found in seconds instead of having to look forever to find it. I love Roku period and Amazon lol put them two together and it’s perfect all around next day shipping for prime customer which I recommend getting prime if you don’t have it. You wouldn’t believe the stuff that doesn’t show up for people who don’t have prime you’re missing out on a lot. You’re limited to what you can buy. Heck there may be limits to see this or even get it faster. This Roku voice pro remote is perfect you can record your voice so it recognizes your demands you have 2 buttons labeled #1 & #2 you can download your favorite channels that you watch the most so you don’t have to scroll down the list to find it or have to hold the star to rearrange you show packages to the top which takes forever just to get to them. And great thing is you can change them anytime. It works your tv turning controls which turns on and off the tv and even up and down on the volume. You can just say hey Roku open NetFlix or YouTube and it will if you have more than 2 favorite movie channels. It makes it very simple. If your laying in the bad with your parter and they have work early and you may be off or the babies asleep and you don’t want to wake them use the head phone jack. I know exactly how important it is not to wake a child especially a infant while they’re asleep cause you’ll never get any sleep. This gives you that option to enjoy your favorite show without bothering the baby not anyone else. That way you can get the relaxation time you need and catch up on your favorite shows all at the same time. Roku voice pro is a game changer you really can’t go wrong. Don’t listen to any negative ratings you may see cause this remote is top of the line and in my opinion the best one out there. I know that’s just my opinion but I think if you change it up and give it a chance you’d fall in love with it just like I did. Yeah this maybe my second one but I honestly think I got a defective one or something cause my mail carrier had it in a thunder storm on my porch no shelter at all could’ve been a contributing reason. I should’ve just waited to order it from Amazon the first time i even got me a protector case too from Amazon which helps protect it. I haven’t had any issues at all this product was a life saver and it’s helped me so much so don’t second guess buying this product just buy it I promise you won’t be disappointed. And even if you already have remote that came with your Roku box or streaming stick and your worried about setting it up don’t be it was the easiest setup I’ve ever had to do. You can do it just the setting by going to the remote or you can do it with the instructions that comes with it. It doesn’t list you can just go to settle and pair it that way. But honestly with me it popped right up on the screen asking me if I wanted to pair. So don’t miss out on this wonderful feature you really wouldn’t regret it at all. I really hope what I said helps and idk if you have prime or not either. So also consider trying it out a free trial if you don’t like it you cancel anytime but I really doubt you’ll have any issue at all. Sorry to ramble but I think you deserve the very best. I will try my best to give you the very best review rather that’s good or bad. And whichever you choose the choose is yours and yours alone so go head and you make the decision that best fits you.

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  10. Genny

    Out of the box, after charging, this remote paired right up on its own to my Hisense Roku TV. I charged it up fully on 1/30. It is now 3/6 and it has yet to need recharging. I was hoping for a good 30 days, but this is great. The voice remote function is also quite convenient if I have my hands full and need to pause. Also if I choose to turn it off from across the room. Definitely a great purchase.

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  11. Chris Mc

    This remote is great. I can turn my television on and off, change apps and many more without picking up my remote, which is great while I am working in the kitchen. I wish it would show when charge low so I could charge overnight. When charge is depleted, it stops working suddenly. No advance warning charge is low. So, have to keep my battery operated remote for when charge is depleted.

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  12. RyanJ

    I’ll preface this by saying that one of the biggest reason for buying this is that the remote that came with my TCL Roku TV has plastic buttons for the ones I use the most — The direction and centre button, but soft touch buttons for the four hot keys for the apps like Netflix.

    I really wanted to have soft touch. And this remote delivers in the department! Way more comfortable in my opinion and feels much nicer because of this.

    I didn’t particularly think I would like the voice controls as much as I do. I have Google home accessories and can mostly control the TV from those. But, the find my remote and other functions in my opinion are very handy to have indeed. Also, the headphone jack is a nice added benefit. I like the programmable shortcut buttons, but do not like how you set them up. I wish you could just long press the app you want. It appears you have to use this in conjunction with a voice command. Just awkward, but once it’s set up you don’t really have to think about it again.

    One minor complaint is the Micro USB. Why not USB C? I have a coffee scale that cost about as much as this remote, and it has USB C. Does that thing need it? Definitely not. But, it’s a nice consideration. I feel the same about the remote. I have plent of Micro USB cords around — So it isn’t a bad thing. Would be nice to see C as they seem more durable and are the norm nowadays.

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