Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector for Movies & Gaming | Bright 3600 Lumens | DLP Single Chip Design | Enhanced Gaming Mode 16ms Response Time

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  • CINEMATIC PICTURE QUALITY: Enjoy crisp, high-definition images with a native 1080p (1920×1080) resolution and an RYGCWB color wheel for home cinema color calibration.
  • PERFECT IMAGE ALIGNMENT: With the latest technology from Texas Instruments, the DLP DMD single-chip design ensures perfect image alignment combined with high-brightness for an incredible picture
  • LIGHTS-ON VIEWING: Enjoy an incredible 3, 600 of brightness in any room in your home; leave the lights on or keep it dim for a cinematic experience
  • FAST RESPONSE TIME: Enhanced Gaming Mode enables lightning-fast response time; Game Display Mode boosts shadows and dark scenes for greater visibility of impending obstacles
  • HDMI-CEC FOR SIMPLE ON/OFF: HDMI-CEC technology enables control of the projector and connected devices using a single remote, all via the HDMI connection with the projectors HDMI-Link feature
  • MORE IMAGE DEPTH: Dynamic Black technology provides more depth to the image by smoothing lamp output to create a high contrast ratio (500, 000: 1); bright scenes appear clear while dark scenes remain detailed
  • LONG LAMP LIFE: Enjoy up to 15, 000 hours of lamp life enabling an average of 4 hours of viewing time every day 10 plus years
  • FULL 3D: The HD146X displays true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray Disc players, 3D broadcasting, and the latest-generation game consoles. Support for 120Hz rapid-refresh rate provides ultra-smooth flicker-free images; 3D glasses required
  • EASY INSTALLATION: 40° vertical keystone correction and a 1. 1X zoom enable flexible placement in any environment
  • HDMI plus USB POWER: Support for HDMI extender and USB power supply; connect to Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Switch, PS4 or set top box for a big-screen entertainment experience
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Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector for Movies & Gaming | Bright 3600 Lumens | DLP Single Chip Design | Enhanced Gaming Mode 16ms Response Time
Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector for Movies & Gaming | Bright 3600 Lumens | DLP Single Chip Design | Enhanced Gaming Mode 16ms Response Time



Specification: Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector for Movies & Gaming | Bright 3600 Lumens | DLP Single Chip Design | Enhanced Gaming Mode 16ms Response Time

Product Dimensions

9.5 x 12.4 x 4.3 inches

Item Weight

6.2 pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

February 19, 2020



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8 reviews for Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector for Movies & Gaming | Bright 3600 Lumens | DLP Single Chip Design | Enhanced Gaming Mode 16ms Response Time

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Jonathan Estrada

    Por 1,000 pesos más (aprox) es mejor opción el Optoma HD28HDR, tiene lo doble de relación de contraste y más entradas HDMI y para otros dispositivos, cuenta con HDR y aunque no lo he visto, seguramente mejora un poquito la imagen. Yo me arrepentí un poco porque a pesar de que estuve investigando varios días cuál era la mejor opción por ese presupuesto, nunca vi está opción y ya no quise devolverlo porque lo pagué a meses y es mucho lío. Pero este producto me ha encantado. Cumple con todo lo que dice.

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  2. Julio

    Bought it in 2019 for my Media Room together with Silver Picket grey 100’’ and it was a Perfect mach.
    Never disappointed me during the all lot’s of use during the peak of Covid.
    The 1080 image quality was Amazing and could complain at all whemn gaming.

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  3. Kal

    At this price point the picture quality went beyond my expectations. The brightness levels are insane, especially when reading off the internet web pages. The colors just pop and projecting on to a 100 inch screen i see no need to upgrade to a 4k at this time. The images and movies are razor sharp.
    The projector out of the box is set to high contrast, vivid and bright mode. The fan sounded like a jet taking off. I was worried for a bit until i switched it to echo mode. It went from loud blow dryer to whisper quiet. Eco mode is the way to go in my blacked out room because bright mode is way to bright anyway. The picture and black levels are much better in Eco. I question the difference in fan noise level from bright to eco. Its too extreme. Dynamic mode is the worst. What on earth was optoma thinking here? The fan fluctuates in noise level when scenes get brighter or darker. This is more annoying then beneficial…. Keep in mind that having a 100 inch screen requires the projector to be mounted over the optimal seating area.
    THE DEAL BEAKER. After using this projector with just under 100hrs aside from just pushing a quiet breeze of air, a higher pitched mechanical whine started happening. The buzzing sound would sometimes cut in and out and that when i knew for certain the unit was defective.

    Amazon had a fantastic return policy to protect customers in these situations.

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  4. Brand

    I purchased this Optoma based on an older model which finally died (after 15 years!). While there are lots of other cheaper projectors, almost none have an optical zoom to size the projected image. (I would have appreciated a larger zoom range, however. ) Most projectors use a digital zoom, which means that you loose resolution as you zoom in. Also, keystone adjustment on the Optoma is digital, which maintains a sharp image at a very minor cost in resolution. Many cheaper models use an optical keystone adjustment and have difficulty in keeping the entire image sharp. Otherwise, I found this projector to be very bright, even in its eco mode — and quiet, too. Sitting right underneath it, I don’t hear it in eco mode (although I do have mild tinnitus). Advice: be sure to calculate your screen size and projection distance (i.e. throw ratio) before buying any projector!

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  5. dkotagi

    I bought this knowing it is only a native 1080p projector and does not support 4K. It does, but it downgrades it. 4K projectors are still very expensive and not a whole lot of content yet so didn’t pull the plug. Most of the reviews on picture quality, features etc. are accurate so i am not going into it. I own a 1080p 46 inch 3d Samsung TV from 2010 that I am using for comparison. So with that in background I am sharing my practical experience to help you decide if you should purchase this or any other HD projector:

    1. First this is not a short throw projector. Those are still $1k+ at the time of the review but this does add a disadvantage. Meaning projector has to be 6-7 feet minimum, aka you need a free basement or a really large room that is not frequently used. For this to work, you either have to mount it under ceiling…but again will run into problems running power and HDMI cables. Or on a coffee or side table (my setup) but then you have HDMI and Power cables running along the floor to a power outlet on the wall / receiver. In most homes you have to live it it and can partially cover it up using area rugs.

    2. The built in speakers are no fun, so have to connect to a surround sound system. HDMI cable issue as mentioned in #1. you could buy all wireless surround sound speakers and keep the receiver below the projector but you will still have power cable issue….unless you live in a modern home that has power outlets on the floor near by. I have one, but that is still too far away. Wall power point is closer.

    3. You need a screen. The size and height of room limits the screen size. I could fit a 100inch screen but it takes up a full wall (I live in east coast city with small rooms, but I do have 10 foot ceiling). Projecting on wall may work if you have a full bare wall (no switches, hvac controllers etc. and willing to paint it white. There is some color correction available if your wall is colored but it will definitely change the picture color.

    4. I may be happy with the resolution it because I am still using a 10 year old TV as reference, but it was top of the line (3k+ when it first arrived.) Those with UHD or 4K TVs…your mileage may vary as you have got used to seeing more details and a sharper image. When things are blown up, you tend to notice more defects.

    5. If you don’t have projector and screen fixed securely to wall you almost always have to re-focus and adjust screen (to correct keystone) every day. Again you get better and faster at it but still is a chore. Even slight movement of screen or projector throws off the focus.

    Now the positives…these mitigate some of the practical issues mentioned above:
    1. This thing is small and very light. you can unplug everything and put it away in 15 seconds. The cables you roll back to wall and/or receiver and you have the room back to normal.

    2. If you buy a collapsible screen (even if it is manual) with stand. you can roll it down in 30 seconds. But you cant put away…it is too long, but at least it is along a wall at the bottom. Installing everything back takes a few minutes, you get better and faster with practice.

    One word of Caution though: Once you get used to seeing movies on the 100+ inch screen it is tough to go back to a 46 inch screen no matter how good it is. So think twice before you leap!

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  6. Brand

    The media could not be loaded.

     Worth it just to blow my cats mind with a projected video of fish on the wall.

    For real though the brightness is really good for the price, can even watch in a lit room. Well worth it to spend the money on a halfway decent projector over the ocean of crappy $100-$300 projectors out there on the market. Is 3D capable as well with DP-Link. If you search up BOBLOV 3D Active Shutter glasses on Amazon and make sure you turn DP Link on on the projector settings you’re good to go.

    Have had a ton of fun with this and can’t wait for outdoor Movie nights.

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  7. ronny

    I was quite unsure of this purchase as most projectors don’t deliver what you want. However, I was super surprised with this. I purchased this with the intention of also purchasing BenQ 2150st as the reviews everywhere say it is much better but it is also $950 or 1000 without the sale. I got this on sale for 768$ and said what the hell. I am a picture quality fanatic and have a QLED monitor therefore can see real difference and will base my review off that and why I decided to keep this and not purchase the BenQ.

    -Brightness: It delivers during the morning with a pretty good image (can see its off, but it is quite good you wont be disappointed)
    — Picture Quality: it is quite good, although if you are a person who appreciates every little detail and is used to a OLED/QOLED screen can tell a wordly difference (however you can’t really compare this to that as you would have to spend $2000 to compare to 4k OLED)
    -Features: Really well versed ( I settled on vivid, sharpness 12, contrast -2, brightness (eco most of time to save lamp time, bright when I have people over to experience the most it gives)
    -Gaming: I am currently playing Monster Hunter Rise (just came out on PC) and with the game feature on, it is quite amazing. Getting to play a game like that on a 200″ screen blows your mind.
    -Portability: I travel a lot and this isn’t too heavy and bulky and can be carried around (although it is also not the smallest)

    -Noise: If you have this on bright and not eco, man do the fans go off BUT if you have a speaker connected and a movie/show/game is going on you cant really hear it
    -Speakers: MUST CONNECT YOUR OWN SPEAKERS, do not rely on what is in the projector what so ever
    -Distance: if you don’t have at least 11ft from the wall you are thinking of then don’t purchase this and spend a little more money for BenQ 2150st short throw (it is much better color and screen and can have 100″ with 3ft)
    -Heat: As expected, this thing GETS HOT, at least in the Canadian winter you don’t have to turn on the heating :’) my room IS SPICY.
    -Connections: Only 1HDMI is quite sad but not the end of the world as you can just replace the wire, meaning I have to get my lazy ass off my comfy chair and do it but this what you get for $768 🙂

    Other than those, this thing is quite amazing for the price. While it is not mind blowing the picture quality is really good with its bright display. While BenQ 2050 or 2150st have better color accuracy and image, is it worth the extra money? for me, no I don’t think so as it’ll still be on 1080 HD and this gives you what you want for a much better price. The only reason to go for 2150st is if you MUST have short throw distance. So stop looking at the 100 youtube review posts and just purchase this as you will be very happy watching everything at 100-300″ screen 🙂

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  8. EHE

    Bought this projector to replace an acer brand projector with a failing fan motor. We have the projector in the family room and use it daily to watch TV programs and movies. On average it gets used about 15-20 hours a week.
    The projector is much quieter than any other DLP projector Ive owned over the years. In fact, even with a «library level» of sound, I can not hear it running at all when the projector is in eco/regular mode. When in bright mode, for 3D movies or gaming, a very modest fan can be heard but it certainly on par with any other comparable DLP projector.
    The thickness of the projector itself and also its depth front to back, is a bit bigger than others ive owned but only by about an inch or so.
    The remote is backlit when buttons are pressed which is a nice touch. The image is bright enough that I can comfortably watch tv with 4 60watt ceiling fan bulbs being on and the image isnt washed out, but of course this and any other projectors are designed to be used in low light environments, in which this projector has a superb image quality. Multiple digital adjustments of keystone, image position and digital zoom to make fine adjustments to image size and even can adjust the levelling of image if your projector mount is not level or maybe your screen masking is not perfectly straight. A two part adjusting lens lets you dial in the perfect image size for your setup too. This projector is for a throw distance of about 15ft max for a 100″ screen image. My throw is about 11ft from the lens to the screen and I have it projecting an image size of 110″ wide X 66″ tall.
    I havent used the 3D capability of the projector yet but anticipate the quality to be on par but perhaps even better as there are multiple 3D settings/options for the best experience using that mode just make sure you have 3D DLP shutter lens glasses.
    Overall, I am very pleased with this projector and would recommend it to others eapecially if looking to have a high lumen output that is for everyday use as a primary display in the home.
    I did purchase the amazon offered insurance/warranty based on service level and price alone versus cost of projector and its typical lifespan.

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