Mounting Dream TV Mount for Most 37-70 Inch TV, Universal Tilt TV Wall Mount Fit 16″, 18″, 24″ Stud with Loading Capacity 132lbs, Max Vesa 600 x…

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  • [Wall TV mount with Patented Design] The Mounting Dream TV wall mount fits most 37-70 inch TVs and holds up to 132lbs of weight with MAX VESA 600 x 400mm supporting up to 24 inch wood stud spacing. Please check the VESA, TV weight, wood studs spacing, and possible blocked input for a better experience. TV size is just for reference. Patent no. 29/639, 502
  • [Space Saving] This wall mount offers a great space saving solution with a stylish appearance by placing the low-profile TV bracket 1.5 inches closer to the wall
  • [Tilt TV to Reduce Glare] With Mounting Dream wall mount, you can tilt your TV forward up to 8 degrees that reduces glare to provide a better viewing experience
  • [Easy to Install] The wall mount is easy to install in just 3 steps with decent instructions and level. Please note that not all our TV mounts are for dry wall alone. Additional concrete anchors may be required and are available through Mounting dream team with the sizeφ10x50mm. Please refer to MD2268-XL if prefer one-piece wall mount
  • [Customer Service] To improve your experience and resolve your queries, we have active US based customer services every day of the week to ensure your problems are taken care of
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Mounting Dream TV Mount for Most 37-70 Inch TV, Universal Tilt TV Wall Mount Fit 16″, 18″, 24″ Stud with Loading Capacity 132lbs, Max Vesa 600 x…
Mounting Dream TV Mount for Most 37-70 Inch TV, Universal Tilt TV Wall Mount Fit 16″, 18″, 24″ Stud with Loading Capacity 132lbs, Max Vesa 600 x…



Specification: Mounting Dream TV Mount for Most 37-70 Inch TV, Universal Tilt TV Wall Mount Fit 16″, 18″, 24″ Stud with Loading Capacity 132lbs, Max Vesa 600 x…

Product Dimensions

17.6 x 9.2 x 3 inches

Item Weight

5.68 pounds

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 15, 2014


Mounting Dream

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13 reviews for Mounting Dream TV Mount for Most 37-70 Inch TV, Universal Tilt TV Wall Mount Fit 16″, 18″, 24″ Stud with Loading Capacity 132lbs, Max Vesa 600 x…

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  1. caleb

    Wished it was wider and a little taller. But I could have bought a different one. Durability I give it a 8-10 ,once it’s mounted is is strong! I broke a set screw when putting it together and after drilling for 10 minutes I finally could pry the threads out . Oh , and as a test I weigh 190#’s I hung my body weight from the mount with my feet off the ground.

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  2. Amber Z.

    Whenever I am looking for a tv wall mount I always buy mounting dream. They make a great quality product. However I am only giving 4 stars instead of 5 as it appears they have provided few extras in the kit. Several years ago I purchased a wall mount and it came with a small 9 inch level and some velcro tie wraps. this kit comes with a 3 inch level if that and no cable ties. They give you everything else you need to install it but missing velcro cables ties to tidy up wires is something they should have not taken out.

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  3. Audrey

    It does what it says, however… This item is sturdy and will hold a 65 inch TV securely on the wall and it does have a tilt ability. The problem is that the TV is held far too close to the wall to be able to reach the tilting bolts with the supplied Allen wrench. I got it on the wall (two person job with a 65 inch TV) quite easily and secured it easily, but when I tried to connect the HDMI cords in the back of the TV it was extremely difficult. I was able to do it, but I had technical trouble with the TCL 65R617 TV which required talking to the TCL support people who wanted me to unplug this, then plug this back in etc etc. Extremely difficult and time consuming. As for tilting, I didn’t really need to, which was good because there was no way I would be able to reach in and loosen, then tighten the tilting bolts. The only way to do it would be to take the TV off the wall, set the tilt and put the TV back up and hope you got a tilt you were happy with. Tthe wall mount does have spacers that allows you to move the TV further from the wall, but the length of the bolts that fit my TV were too short to use all the spacers. I used what I could, but it wasn’t enough. I could go to the hardware store and get four bolts that were longer, but even with all the spacers provided it still wouldn’t be far enough from the wall. As it turns out I had to send the TV back and while I’m waiting for a replacement I have ordered a wall mount that lets you move the TV away from the wall.
    This product gets a solid three stars because it does exactly what it says it does, has clear instructions, but is just too tight to the wall for use with a large TV and there aren’t enough spacers, so I can’t give it any higher of a rating.

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  4. Flewpastu

    If you are like me your bedroom is either not big enough or on the smaller side. Either one you are you will benefit from having this mount and putting your TV on the wall. We upgraded our TV on black Friday and did not have the space for it. This mount has been up the past for months with our 55in TV on the wall with zero issues. It really made the bedroom feel bigger in size not needing a stand for it! This mount is also very easy to install as well. For the price this mount is amazing!!!

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product at a great price, and it includes some freebies like an HDMI cable. This mount was very easy to install and leaves me feeling confident that it will not fall off. The instructions are very easy to follow and are well illustrated. This particular mount was used to mount a 65″ TV on the wall and it appears that I could have mounted something even bigger. A generous assortment of hardware is included to ensure the bracket will work with a wide range of TVs.

    There are a couple (minor) downsides to this product, like everything else. The level included in the box was not accurate for me (or for many others it would appear, after reading other reviews). Not all is lost, however, as you can use your measuring tape to ensure this goes up as straight as an arrow.

    Here are some things I discovered while mounting this that may help you out:

    First, you need a drill to complete this installation, so make sure you have one handy. I was also going to use a stud finder, but the one I had kept going crazy whenever it got near me, so I used the old knock-the-wall method instead.

    Second, as mentioned before, the level is not accurate. The best way around this is to measure from a level surface on the wall used for mounting. I used my fireplace mantel, but you could use the ceiling too, as long as it is not lofted. The distance to each hole should be equal to your level object (for example, if the top left hole is 26″ from the mantel, the top right hole must be exactly 26″ from the mantel as well).

    Third, I wanted to mount this exactly 6″ above the fireplace mantel. The manual doesn’t describe how to make this measurement, though. You need to assemble the entire mount and put it on your TV on the floor. Then, measure the distance from the top hole of the mount to the bottom of your TV. From this measurement, add the distance you want your TV to be from the mantel and use that measurement on the wall. (Example, if the distance from the top hole to the bottom of your TV is 20″, and you want the TV to be 6″ from your mantel, measure 26″ from your mantel and mark that as the top holes to be drilled).

    Hope this review was helpful!

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  6. RunTurbo

    One of the best mounts I’ve bought. I do recommend making sure you have the correct wood drill bits and a socket wrench. If you don’t have a socket wrench 12mm then you are in trouble.

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  7. US CERT TEAM D.Grant

    I have a 50″ tv and it did take two people to install this even though I vehemently tried to deny that. You will need to pre-drill holes into the studs so that you cant get the screws in for the tv. I also had to get my ratchet set out to put the screws into the wall.

    Overall easy install and easy to slide back and forth to center it with everything else.

    Buy it. It’s good stuff.

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  8. Audrey

    Trae incluso un cartón guía para la instalación y es muy fácil colocar. Sólo como comentario, está pensado para pared seca o de madera ya que no cuenta con taquetes ni tornillos para concreto. Yo compré expansivos de 3/8″ y quedó muy bien una tele de 65″.

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  9. Flewpastu

    mine arrived slightly bent probably from shipping but was easily straitened out very easy to mount and seems very solid not a great deal of tilt but this is the older version i saw there was a newer one slightly more expensive i should have gotten that one but this is fine for my needs and for the price its definitely impressive

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  10. Anonymous

    Hung my 55″ TV on this wall mount. It works very well. I’m not a fan of swinging arm mounts as that puts a extreme amount of leverage on the lag bolts and stud(s) it’s secured to so I went with this flat wall mount. Was big enough to cover either 16″ studs or 24″ studs and is rock solid when secured with the supplied lag bolts and you make sure to hit a stud with each of them. It does tilt with is what I was looking for and the adjustment is ok to work with. can be tricky to get both adjustments set the same before you hang it. I used full adjustment so it was easy for me. works great. easy to put up and take down the TV if I need to change out our install a new cord.

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  11. Bill

    Ez directions. Plenty of slots so as to be able to mount to studs. Once on the wall you can slide the hinges tv mounts to center up in the wall even if the wall bracket itself might be off center to where your studs are.
    The release straps are a bit short, I used 12” zip ties and formed a loop to around the strap

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  12. ZM Red

    The package comes in different sizes of screws/spacers/washers. Instructions are easy to follow. Took me around an hour to install, looks great at my place. Hangs my 60 inch tv with no problem(my tv is pretty heavy). Note that it says cannot install for drywall, tips: buy snap toggle bolts from Home Depot, they hold up to 200 lbs. I drilled through my metal stud and used snap toggle bolt to install.

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  13. Javier Cabrera

    Easy to install and pretty sturdy. Mounted a 65 inch sharp tv with wooden studs. Took a total of 45 min to an hour to install but that’s pretty normal. So far no issues and will update if I do encounter any problems. The free 6 ft HDMI cord was a nice touch too. Great price.

    Representing the YYC

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