Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Smartwatch with Daily Readiness, GPS, 24/7 Heart Rate, 40+ Exercise Modes, Sleep Tracking and more, Waterfall Blue/Platinum,…

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  • Get inspired and stay accountable with Versa 4 + Premium — learn when to work out or recover, see real-time stats during exercise and find new ways to keep your routine fresh and fun
  • Built for better fitness results: Daily Readiness Score(1), built-in GPS and workout intensity map, Active Zone Minutes, all-day activity tracking and 24/7 heart rate, 40+ exercise modes and automatic exercise tracking, water resistant to 50 meters
  • Tools to measure and improve sleep quality: personalized Sleep Profile(1), daily sleep stages & Sleep Score, smart wake alarm and do not disturb mode
  • Maintain a healthy body and mind:  daily Stress Management Score, reflection logging, SpO2(2), health metrics dashboard(3), guided breathing sessions, menstrual health tracking and mindfulness content
  • Designed for fitness & beyond: on-wrist Bluetooth calls, texts and phone notifications(4), customizable clock faces, Fitbit Pay(5), Amazon Alexa built-in(6), Google Wallet & Maps (Google Maps Android only, coming Spring 2023 to iOS), 6+ day battery(7)
  • Includes 6-month Premium membership for deeper insights & guidance, exclusive workouts, mindfulness sessions and more(8)
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Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Smartwatch with Daily Readiness, GPS, 24/7 Heart Rate, 40+ Exercise Modes, Sleep Tracking and more, Waterfall Blue/Platinum,…
Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Smartwatch with Daily Readiness, GPS, 24/7 Heart Rate, 40+ Exercise Modes, Sleep Tracking and more, Waterfall Blue/Platinum,…



Specification: Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Smartwatch with Daily Readiness, GPS, 24/7 Heart Rate, 40+ Exercise Modes, Sleep Tracking and more, Waterfall Blue/Platinum,…

Product Dimensions

1.57 x 0.43 x 1.57 inches, 7.04 Ounces

Date First Available

September 23, 2022


Fitbit Inc

Отзывы (11)

11 reviews for Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Smartwatch with Daily Readiness, GPS, 24/7 Heart Rate, 40+ Exercise Modes, Sleep Tracking and more, Waterfall Blue/Platinum,…

4.2 out of 5
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  1. MC

    Práctico, ligero. La pila dura varios días.

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  2. Jose A Ortiz

    Lo bueno es que te cuenta los pasos

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  3. TheFoxSays

    I’ve upgraded to this versa 4 after being on charge 2 for 5 years. So far I love it. Battery life is so much longer and there are way more features like checking the weather. It seems like a good alternative to something like the apple watch which is more than double the price. I got the versa 4 when there was a slight deal on the price mostly on impulse. Honestly best upgrade so far. Also I have a samsung phone right now and I did debate on getting the samsung watch….however I realized with a fitbit it doesn’t matter which phone you have or if you switch brands. The Fitbit will always be compatible to any phone.

    Will update again later

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Fitbit customer service is pitiful… I called to get some clarity on the functioning of my Fitbit… The ticket was elevated to level 2 because my concerns could not be addressed at level 1, Level 2 customer service took 4 days to contact me via email, I took a snapshot of the issue N sent it to them, it took 7 days for them to contact me back… By that time I had figured the issues out myself

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  5. CDB

    I had a Versa 3 for a couple of years and the screen got cracked. So I decided to get the Versa 4 and upgraded. I am really happy with my purchase for several reasons. First, the price compared to an IWatch or Samsung Galaxy can’t be beat. Second, I don’t need a cellphone on my wrist. The features I want are the sleep tracker, step counter, heart rate monitor, O2 tracker, and a clock. There are several features of the watch that I don’t need, but not as many as the other brands. The battery life is outstanding on this watch. I have the always on screen and only need to charge every other day. Also the sleep tracker is great. I get to monitor my sleep time, sleep stages, oxygen variation and saturation, and heart rate during sleep. It keeps an accurate count of steps and active zones, etc. I don’t use the GPS so that is not an issue for me. There are many different face options, and I am going to subscribe for the premium service to get more data collection modes. I highly recommend this for someone who wants a quality smartwatch for a fair price.

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  6. Ross Smyth

    If someone asked me whether I like this watch or not, I would say that I like it. It is simple and the interface is decent. I do not want a watch that attempts to replace my phone, but rather one that complements it. I think that the Fitbit Versa is a good choice for this. It tells me notifications, tracks sensor telemetry, tracks my physical state, and has decent battery life. These are things that my phone cannot easily do.

    Other smart watches such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch do too much. I don’t really care that I can reply to texts, browse the web, or essentially replace my phone. I always have my phone on or near me. If I am too busy to reply on my phone then I also wouldn’t reply on my watch, an only worse experience because they try to cram a full QWERTY keyboard on it.

    I bought the Fitbit Versa 4 because one of my requirements is that the watch I use has Google Pay on it. It does not at release, but I’m fine with it coming later as it is not an immediate requirement. I also assumed that the fitness tracking on Fitbit would be good because Fitbit is basically the oldest consumer tracker company I know of, so I guessed it probably works well.

    Comfort — 9/10
    The strap that it came with is quite comfortable. I do not wear watches, primarily because the ones I have tried were not very comfortable. This watch and strap is pretty good. I’ve only had one day tuning the tightness and position where it was uncomfortable and that was my fault as it was too tight. I also like that it is small and light. I mostly forget it is there, and am comfortable sleeping it with.
    Update Nov. 5th 2022: After about a month of wearing it almost 24/7 I have some irritation. Also if I sleep with it and put weight upon the watch band (the watch face going down in to the bed) I will wake up with a lot of irritation.

    Interface — 7/10
    The interface is mostly intuitive. It is not that clunky as some smart watches I have seen in the past. The main thing I do not like and I didn’t quite get at first was that the apps list is found by pressing the button. I didn’t know how to use the alarm the first night because of this. But overall it works. It is mostly responsive, but sometimes not if it is rendering many things in the interface. I can forgive this as it is not a super powerful watch. I am happy with this.

    Battery life- 8/10
    One of the primary things that I want in a smart watch is a longish battery life. The more general smart watches’ battery life is not that great. This one lasts about 3 days with the always on display turned on, which I am happy with. I will try it with the always on display off to see how it lasts. With sleep mode on it drains about 10% battery over 8 hours.
    Update Nov. 5th 2022: With display not on always-on, then it lasts about 7-9 days depending on how much I exercise.

    Sleep Tracking — 10/10
    I am quite impressed with the sleep tracking. I don’t have to tell it anything. It just knows that I am sleeping and tracks it. Even random naps that I take in the evening. I do not know the times I fall asleep, but it is always on the exact minute I wake up. Good job on this, and I quite like it. As for the oxygen saturation tracking, I have nothing to compare it against so who knows, it could be made up for all I know.

    Heart rate — 3/10
    Oof, this is not good and I am quite disappointed with. During the day at work and home it seems to be fine. This is good for capturing my resting heart rate which I am interested in. But during workouts it is basically useless. I have worked out 3 times with it since I got it, and it is just wildly inaccurate. The only thing it is good for is using the workout timer to count my pulse manually. While doing some spinning in the gym I consistently measure my pulse at 170-180 BPM, but this thing is measuring as low as 90 BPM to 160 BPM, usually ranging in 130-150. I can forgive being off by 10 or so BPM, but this is just wild. Once my heart rate goes about 140 or 150 it just becomes useless. It will vary by 10 BPM each measurement, vibrate warning my heart rate is not in «the zone.» Well that sucks. I bought this thing specifically so that I could track my workout, hoping because Fitbit is a well known brand that it would do this specific thing well, and it does not.

    Other —
    I like the alarm, but I think all watches do something like that. I use the weather occasionally, and the timer is fine. I would prefer that it sets the timer, and allows me to actually start it rather than automatically starting when I lock-in a time, but that a minor gripe. The phone interface is good, and I think that it summarizes the telemetry pretty well. I also like the default watchface, and have not changed it.
    Update Nov. 5th 2022: I did not realize this before, but the alarm only alarms for like 20 or 30 seconds before turning off. This is fine some times, but other times I need way more effort to wake up. I have no seen a way to configure this. I would prefer that it alarms until I turn it off.

    If I can find a smart watch that is similar size, as I do like that this one is small and light, I may replace it. Mainly because of the heart rate tracking. But I am very impressed with the sleep tracking, and i like the battery life and comfort so I am going to stick with it for now. I hope that heart rate tracking can be fixed with a software update, because I do want to like this watch.

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  7. Mako

    Es ligero, tengo problemas con el sensor de temperatura
    En muchas ocasiones automáticamente detecta que realizas deporte sin hacer registro manual

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  8. Kevin

    Watch not able to sync to what’s app, tied on another phone still same problem, it will sync at 1st but will stop sync after 1-2hr.

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  9. Alberto Hernández

    Lo único malo es que la música no se puede controlar desde el reloj

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  10. F. Welch

    I had a Fitbit many years ago when they had band problems, so I tried a Garmin Connect when my last one fell apart. I disliked the Garmin from the first time I put it on. I kept it though because I thought it would get better and because I had spent money on it. December, after having the Garmin for years, I had had enough. I purchased this Fitbit Versa because it seemed to have the majority if not all of what I needed. My very first time wearing it, I fell in love. I haven’t had time to play around with all of the features but what comes out of the box works extremely well for me. I love that I can change my primary screen to show what I want. I love the vibration that wakes me up. I love the built in timer and stopwatch that I can use for meditation. I’m looking forward to adding new apps. Wish I had purchased this sooner.

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  11. Jessica Dean

    I love this product, it’s pretty handy. I use almost all it’s features. Although I’d say the food tracking could go into more depth and tell me more about the micro nutrients. Also that process of figuring out the food tracking is a little confusing and how to work the food plan. I also would like it if the app/fitbit said my distance for the day of walking in miles/km. I also wish the app would go into more depth in a couple other features. I wish I could filter the workouts in the app aswell by intensity and time and target areas, etc. Love it overall! I would also question the accuracy of the heart rate because I did some comparing on other devices and it seems to have a lot of variability. Definitely would recommend the purchase. I don’t think this product is worth the price though. I paid 150 for it on black Friday. I think its more worth 100$ give or take 20$. Regardless it does the job of what I want it to do! 🙂 thanks so much fitbit!

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