Fitbit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker with Stress Management, Workout Intensity, Sleep Tracking, 24/7 Heart Rate and more, Midnight Zen/Black…

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  • Inspire 3 is the tracker that helps you find your energy, do what you love and feel your best. All you have to do is wear it
  • Move more: Daily Readiness Score(1), Active Zone Minutes, all-day activity tracking and 24/7 heart rate, 20+ exercise modes, automatic exercise tracking and reminders to move
  • Stress less: always-on wellness tracking, daily Stress Management Score, mindfulness sessions, relax breathing sessions, irregular heart rhythm notifications(2), SpO2(3), menstrual health tracking, resting heart rate and high/low heart rate notifications
  • Sleep better:  automatic sleep tracking, personalized Sleep Profile(1), daily detailed Sleep Score, smart wake vibrating alarm, sleep mode
  • Comfortably connected day and night: calls, texts & smartphone app notifications(4), color touchscreen with customizable clock faces, super lightweight and water resistant to 50 meters, up to 10 day battery life(5)
  • Includes a 6-month Premium membership complete with personalized insights, advanced analytics, guided programs and more (New & returning Premium users only. Must activate trial within 60-days of device activation. Content and features may change)
Last updated on 30 марта, 2023 18:11 Details
Fitbit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker with Stress Management, Workout Intensity, Sleep Tracking, 24/7 Heart Rate and more, Midnight Zen/Black…
Fitbit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker with Stress Management, Workout Intensity, Sleep Tracking, 24/7 Heart Rate and more, Midnight Zen/Black…



Specification: Fitbit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker with Stress Management, Workout Intensity, Sleep Tracking, 24/7 Heart Rate and more, Midnight Zen/Black…

Product Dimensions

0.71 x 0.43 x 1.54 inches, 4 Ounces


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 23, 2022


Fitbit Inc

Отзывы (11)

11 reviews for Fitbit Inspire 3 Health & Fitness Tracker with Stress Management, Workout Intensity, Sleep Tracking, 24/7 Heart Rate and more, Midnight Zen/Black…

4.6 out of 5
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  1. MBarden

    I had been using the Inspire 2 for a few years, and it worked fine. I didn’t love the design but it did the job. I recently broke it and replaced it with the Inspire 3, thinking it would be about the same kind of thing. Generally speaking, it is, but the design and materials was really improved to look more attractive and be more comfortable. The color display and different clock faces look more modern, and the design of the strap actually makes it fit my wrist better, which seems like it must improve the pulse tracking (I can’t prove this, it’s just my suspicion). For basically the same price as what I paid for the Inspire 2, I like this one much better!

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  2. Fernando

    Amo la relación precio-calidad de todos los artículos de Fitbit, fácil de configurar y muy buenos en uso.

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  3. aj

    En lo personal me gusta mucho las pulseras como monitor de Salud. Fitbit detecta los ejercicios en cuanto los haces sin embargo llevo 3 pulseras que al año un mes de su uso dejan de funcionar sin más. Por lo que compruebo que están programados para lo mismo y esto es muy poco ético. Creo que todos deberían de saber esto de la marca

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  4. David A. Gantz

    The Inspire 3 is a well-made attractive fitness and health tracking and exercise monitoring system with many potentially useful features. It should appeal to those who are seeking to improve their exercise level and general health as well as those who want a small smartwatch. Fitbit/Google has been a leader in the wrist worn tracker field for years and remains in one of the top places. The device is lightweight so that it can be worn 24/7 and will seldom be noticed. Although it can be difficult to see in bright sunlight it is brighter than many of its competitors. For regular use out of doors a larger smartwatch from Apple or Samsung may be more satisfactory for visibility reasons. Individual users will have to decide which of the several dozen features they want to use on a regular basis. This is necessary in part because to get full benefit from the Inspire 3 you must be willing to spend $9 per month on the app, a cost that over time will add up to a substantial investment after the complementary six month subscription. Others will be able to get along with the standard (free) features although all will be bombarded with encouragement to subscribe. The inspire 3 is less versatile than some competitors for tracking heart health. While it will monitor oxygen levels and heart rate it doesn’t monitor blood pressure and has only very limited utility for addressing heart arrhythmia such as atrial fibrillation. (The portable EKGs such as the Kardia Mobile are better suited to the latter.) I didn’t try the device’s features for monitoring your smartphone but other users seem to conclude that it works well for that purpose.

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  5. Fernando

    Este reloj tiene todas las funciones que mas utilizaba en el apple watch que anteriormente tenia y a un precio mucho menor, la duracion de su bateria realmente me sorprendio.

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  6. juan

    Regalo pensado para una adolescente muy buen tamaño

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  7. Martha

    Esta es mi tercera pulsera fitbit y me gustan mucho porque las uso todo el día, pero esta nueva versión 3, me está dando problemas de conexión, además a veces no me da información de oxigenación en sangre, la siento inestable no se si sea porque va saliendo y requiere algún firmware o coincidió con el nuevo sistema operativo del iPhone, espero se resuelvan los inconvenientes porque me gustan bastante los productos fitbit

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  8. Kj

    The shape of it is odd. It’s like a rectangle at the top and curved at the bottom which makes it sit weird on your wrist and the thickness of it doesn’t help at all. Not sure if I’m keeping it or not. On the + side the app works well and the features of the watch work. Just bad design I guess.

    Update: My headphones keep cutting out with the Fitbit connected and I can’t disconnect the Fitbit unless i click forget this device which basically means I can’t use it anymore. When I tried to contact Fitbit they said: we’re aware of this issue and are trying to resolve it. I need music to workout so this is kinda a done deal

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  9. A. Kinney

    I’ve been having health problems but can’t afford expensive tests that my insurance says covers but does not. You know how that works: you get assurance the test is covered, but then you find out that no one can tell you how much it costs, and then later you get a huge bill. So I bought a cheap fitness tracker that didn’t work, and the app it came with didn’t work. Returned it and bought this.

    So far, I’m loving it. It tells me to get up and move, tracks my steps really well even though I barely move my left arm when I walk (I only swing one arm when I walk, and it’s usually my right, but I wear the Fitbit on my non dominant arm), tracks heart rate and oxygen levels, tracks my sleep patterns. Lol, AND it’s a watch, so I know what time it is.

    The app works really smoothly. I’ve seen some bad reviews on this device, so I’d say if you have any problems, you might’ve got a lemon, so return it and try again. This little thing is worth the money, and they’ve made a lot of advances in the tech in the last couple of years, so it’s worth considering a new model. Overall, having this has relieved a lot of worry over whether my symptoms were heart issues, and yes, I’ve checked my pulse against what the watch says.

    I bought some extra bands, knockoffs, just to have color choices, and they’re great quality for not much money. Right now, my watch is a fun new toy, but it’s also a useful tool with lots of features to take advantage of. If you’re unsure of how to get the most out of it, there are articles online, but the app has pretty clear instructions too. I was also worried about the subscription it comes with because I have no intention of paying monthly to use my Fitbit, but you don’t have to sign up for the free trial for Premium, which has lots of extras but is NOT necessary. I’m very happy with this.

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  10. merlinwv

    Bought to replace one that would no longer charge. It had been a gift and about five years old so I check the ratings and went for this one. So far I really like it. You can avoid the premium options in the app quite easily and the fitbit itself is very nice. Even as a porky older person, I am able to use the small band and it is really comfortable.
    I am actually surprised at the ease of use. Only thing I don’t like is that my home stairs don’t seem to count as stairs! Not a huge deal, but dang…lol they are stairs.
    Good value for money and the charge lasts longer than I expected.

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  11. Kj

    This feels light & comfortable on. However my cat nibbled the band briefly and it split easily. Now I have a very short band! I have been using it almost a month and I like it generally. I wear it most of the time but not when dressed up. I’m not sure why I have to set it to start and end when I exercise, because it seems it should be able to recognize a prolonged period of activity. Unless you were having a health problem, I guess. The free six months of free premium service is fine, but I won’t pay for it. Knowing my sleep grade isn’t really important to me. I do feel a little more motivation to exercise when I normally wouldn’t. But not enough to get up every time it prompts me to.

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