Apple USB-C Charge Cable (2m)

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  • This 2-meter charge cable—with USB-C connectors on both ends—is ideal for charging, syncing, and transferring data between USB-C devices.
  • Pair the USB-C Charge Cable with a compatible USB-C power adapter to conveniently charge your devices from a wall outlet and take advantage of fast-charging capabilities.
  • USB-C Power Adapters sold separately.
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Apple USB-C Charge Cable (2m)
Apple USB-C Charge Cable (2m)


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  1. Connie

    The usb-c charging setups charge much faster then the usb-3 but as far as durability goes all these cords break in a short while from the little bending that occurs during use / while charging your apparatus.

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  2. dnd517

    Cord seems to work like my original. Came packaged and sealed in Apple packaging, but it smells like it’s been stored in someone’s great grandmother’s dingy basement for 50 years. Hopefully the smell will dissipate, because it’s strong.

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  3. Debbie Stewart

    Tons of Apple products in the house. These longer ones work great and since we have teens who constantly lose them, we keep some on backup and they don’t break the bank

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  4. Am

    A primera vista se ve » sin inconvenientes», cuando lo abres huele a quimicos, desprende tiza como » de pizarron»,compre el original en Ishop en 449 ( porque no han ajustado la subida del dolar). Al compararlo con la caja original se aprecia la diferencia en el tono de la impresión, en los graficos, en las etiquetas….o es un muy buen clon que la gente no se da cuenta, o el que me llego no cumplia con los estandares de calidad de Apple.

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  5. NY, NY

    We usually use generics but they break faster. And we have some family purists. So we get this one for those members. It is the real thing and, if treated well, will last for years.

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  6. Vicki

    When you need an apple product because nothing else will work, here it is! As a prime member living outside of a city centre this was a great way to get an authentic apple usb-c cord fast and without excessive shipping costs. As for the apple product itself, well durability and such, that’s not the best. This is the second replacement I’ve had to buy, first two were direct from apple… but my laptop will not charge on anything else.

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  7. Amber Lee Norton

    Awesome! My cord was not charging my computer anymore (I hate hate the big old box block for a mac) I’m sure it was damaged falling out of the wall for hundredth time due to how heavy it is.

    I ordered the cord at about 9 pm that night. It was delivered when I was sleeping. Works great! Amazon amazes me sometimes on how quick they deliver

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  8. Jon Toro

    El cable es el de la descripción pero me queda la duda si realmente es el original. Es más grueso, el acabado es diferente se siente más rugoso y desprende un polvo blanco. Hasta ahora ha funcionado bien, espero que así siga pero en la descripción dice que es marca Apple y lo dudo.

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  9. Dobie Daddy

    Original Apple Product. Sturdy. As advertised. Pay a bit more for this compared to other inferior Chinese products, but it will last a LOT longer!

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  10. Amazon Customer

    What is there to say about a genuine Apple UBC C charge cable. Don’t risk damaging your MacBook battery with non apple chargers or cables. Yes, power adapters and USB cables make a difference especially when they are charging cables.

    If you want 100% compatibility and performance spend the extra for genuine Apple cables. Save money elsewhere, don’t shorten the battery life of your Apple devices.

    If you don’t believe there is a difference, purchase an inexpensive USB tester/power meter and see if your power adapters and cables are producing the claimed amperage and voltage. You’ll see that genuine products will produce what they claim and your devices will charge faster. Inexpensive cables and chargers will most often not produce the claimed voltage or amperage resulting in longer charge tines and damage to the battery.

    Yes, the cable had a manufacturing smell when the box was first opened but fully dissipated within a few minutes.

    I don’t know why some reviewer are claiming it’s not a real Apple product. This cable is from the Apple Store and looks and feels 100% genuine. I am confident that It’s a genuine Apple cable.

    They never go on sale. If you don’t want any issues, spend the extra for them.

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  11. Jon Maxim

    I ordered another brand of USB-c cable and had to return it because it would not fit properly in a MacBook Air. So even though it was much more expensive I ordered the Apple version which now fits properly. I am still nervous because I bought this replacement cable due to the original Apple cable breaking at the connector. I hope this one lasts longer.

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  12. Robert Rustad

    i’ve had one for two years now it seems to be working just fine. I just purchased another one for my wife

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  13. StuartS

    Seems to be a durable cable. Does the job.

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