Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

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  • Compatible with iPad mini (6th generation), iPad Air (5th and 4th generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd, 4th, and 5th generations), iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd, 2nd, and 1st generations)
  • Apple Pencil (2nd generation) brings your work to life. With imperceptible lag, pixel-perfect precision, and tilt and pressure sensitivity, it transforms into your favorite creative instrument, your paint brush, your charcoal, or your pencil.
  • It makes painting, sketching, doodling, and even note-taking better than ever.
  • It magnetically attaches to iPad mini (6th generation), iPad Pro and iPad Air, charges wirelessly, and lets you change tools with a simple double tap.
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Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)
Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)



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  1. davidb1224

    I’ve tried other styluses, which were MUCH less comfortable, intuitive, and accurate. The only drawback I guess is that these don’t last forever. I had to purchase this Apple Pencil to replace another that had suddenly stopped working after two years. However, I guess it’s relatively a small price to pay, since I use it daily, all day long, in my work.

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  2. Omega3

    I tried a 3rd party pencil, but it constantly turned off after a few minutes, even while in use, to preserve battery life, making it unusable. This Apple pencil does not have that problem. At 89 dollars sale price, it was worth getting this over 3rd party alternatives. It does not come with extra tips, though, despite the high price. The pencil needs bluetooth on for it to work. Pairing the pencil to an iPad for the 1st time just requires placing the pencil to the magnetic connector.

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  3. Serhii Matiichuk

    With this new Apple Pencil you feel the difference right away. First of all it is lighter compare to previous version, it also interacts with the touch screen way better, it charges by magnetizing itself to the IPad and it is really convenient. Highly recommend.

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  4. AshC

    Obsessed. If you have an iPad the Apple Pencil is so worth it. Buy a case where it charges when it’s not in use to not lose it. Will never not use the pencil.

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  5. Bryant Sepulveda

    The pencil works PERFECTLY. Packaging for Apple Pencil was as beautiful as ever. 1 thing though, is the box it came in, was very big for how big the pencil is. During shipping, it could slide around in the box. Just wasn’t secured enough. Other than the big box, it works amazingly. My grandma really enjoys it (I gave it to her for as a Christmas gift).

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  6. Alex Denham

    I previously had an iPad Air 2 and used an Adonit pixel since the air is not compatible with the Apple Pencil. It didn’t work that well but it did what I needed with some bugs and jitters. I finally upgraded to the 2021 iPad Pro 11 inch and I got the Apple Pencil 2 when it went on sale. I have been SO impressed with this thing. I love the way it writes and draws it feels like I’m writing on paper and the smoothness of the line is stellar. It completely changed the game for me when I work on my art and design. I use procreate and they have many updated features that include options for the Apple Pencil so the integration with all of the apps I already use is phenomenal. I think the sale price I paid for 89.99 is more than reasonable but I couldn’t see myself paying full price for this even with how impressive it is. But at the sale price I am more than satisfied.

    The only thing that I don’t like is the magnetic feature that is supposed to keep it on the iPad and is how it charges. I have put the iPad in my backpack with the pencil attached and then when I pull it out the pencil wasn’t attached anymore. I of course had a small panic but then found it in the bottom of my bag so no but deal. I just wish it had some other mechanism that kept the pencil more secured, but I will say the fact that I don’t have to plug it in to anything to charge it is definitely convenient.

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  7. Michael

    I got my Apple Pencil 2nd Generation while on sale! Awesome deal! It made my iPad Pro12.9 inch come alive. Pairing was simple, just a matter of it magnetically attaching to the side of my iPad. It also charges fast while attached. Under Settings on the iPad there is a Pencil section. I suggest going there to try out some of the features of the Apple Pencil. It writes very smoothly on the screen. I do recommend placing a screen protector on your iPad (as well as your iPhone) for general purpose protection. It felt good in my hand, sort of like one of those pencils we used in First Grade. I have large hands, so someone with small hands might need an optional Pencil Grip. I found the accuracy of the Apple Pencil to be spot on. I went into the Notes app and practiced a lot to get used to the features. If you are teetering on the edge trying to decide whether or not to get the Apple Pencil, go for it, especially while it’s on sale. You will be amazed at the things you can do with it.

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  8. Sharon O’Connor

    I decided to buy myself an iPad Air 4 for my birthday in 2019 because I was returning to school. Getting the Apple Pencil with it was a game changer.

    I’m in my 30s and I am a person who loves physical books and writing on paper. I was hesitant to buy an iPad for notes, but after watching classmates use them and asking them questions, it seemed like it would be really beneficial.

    I bought a paperlike screen protector, and I love using my apple pencil for writing! It has gotten to the point where I am double tapping on actual pencils because I have just become completely assimilated to writing on an iPad. It is very intuitive and has a variety of uses.

    I never had the 1st gen apple pencil, but I love the magnetic charging and double tap so I do think the 2nd generation is worth the extra price.

    I bought a 6-pack of tips in 2019 and I still have plenty left even though I write on my iPad regularly.

    My ONLY gripe is that the pencils are so specific to different models. My son has the 2020 iPad and my pencil won’t work on his iPad because it isn’t a Pro or Air model. It would be nice if Apple was able to make an update that allowed the different pencils to be compatible on all models.

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