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Avid Pro Tools Review

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Avid’s new lineup includes Intro, a free basic version of Pro Tools that does not require iLink. The previous paid editions have now been re-released as Artist, Studio, and Ultimate, offering different features and resources at each price point. Updated features give Pro Tools more flexibility when working with material recorded in compatible apps.


  • +

    Widely advertised as an «industry standard» so you can join the club

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    Equally useful for music and video sound applications

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    Highly Proven and Scalable


  • Requires dedicated workstation

  • Subscription model only, no perpetual license required

  • May be difficult to remove and may require assistance

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For as long as many of us can remember, Avid Pro Tools has been considered one of the best audio editors for professionals. In 2022, the industry standard, the company revamped its Pro Tools products with a major refresh designed to appeal to a wider user base, from novices to professionals.

First there was a series of name changes. Pro Tools is now Pro Tools Studio, and Lifetime Licenses now include subscription plans. Ultimate, on the other hand, splits him in two. Ultimate features a perpetual license and the subscription version is now called Flex.

Not only that, but the company also introduced a free sound production app, Pro Tools Intro, and a lower subscription plan, Pro Tools Artist.

But is that enough to attract new users to music creation software?

Avid Pro Tools: Pricing & plans

  • New ‘Intro’ Free and 3 Paid Versions

Lowest price subscription billed as an easy-to-use “music recording and MIDI creation essentials” bundle Pro Tools Artist offers access to Avid’s “Inner Circle Rewards” for $19.99 or $99 annually’.

The updated support for Celemony Melodyne 5 Essential means you can now get it native within the app and at the artist level. There are also over 100 plugins and various music and SFX samples (32 audio tracks, 32 instrument tracks and 64 MIDI tracks). Artist also offers 16 simultaneous recording inputs and his 1 master track. No Dolby Atmos features, advanced automation, or video tracks.

A «complete toolset for professional music production,» Pro Tools Studio is aimed at indie studios, producers, and small house engineers. Studio is priced at $29.99/month or $299/year. In addition to native Celemony Melodyne 5 essentials, Studio’s 64 simultaneous recording inputs come with Avid’s complete plug-in bundle, one video track, and 128 of his VCA tracks.

Pro Tools Ultimate is an advanced tool for high-end music production. $99/month or $599/year. So you get 256 simultaneous Core Audio and ASIO recording inputs. Three-quarters of them are HDX Hybrid Engine and HDX Classic, and the rest are HD Native. There are also 512 master tracks and 64 video tracks available. Good enough for many high end projects. You can try it free for 30 days when you sign up for iLink.

These changes have been frustrating among long-time professional customers who have found that the benefits of perpetual licenses have been diluted by the subscription model. It has benefits such as cheap returns for users who had to renew after it expired, and this brings us down to the most basic level: a new free intro.

Intro provides the basics with 36 plug-ins and virtual instruments, 8 audio tracks, 8 MIDI tracks and 8 instrument tracks, 4 simultaneous recording inputs, 4 auxiliary tracks and 4 routing tracks. Offers.

In contrast to all other options, Intro is made for disc-based authentication. This simply means that you don’t need an iLok authentication dongle, which is now accessible through the iLink app.

Avid’s commitment to discounted pricing for educational institutions continues, offering teachers and students the top-of-the-line version of Ultimate for $299 per year.

  • Pricing and Plans: 4/5

Avid Pro Tools: Getting started

Avid Pro Tools Review

Pro Tools interface simplicity with recently imported tracks

  • Designed for audio editing suites, most versions require Avid’s iLink for installation

All versions except Intro require Avid’s iLink to be installed to download the app.

Once you give Pro Tools and iLink access to your computer, you’ll be bombarded with messages about small changes Pro Tools is making in the background. It is designed for a dedicated workstation, a set of screens and a team of operators. Therefore, think carefully before installing the program on a computer that will be used for other purposes. Best audio PCs and laptops for music production are suitable for running programs.

Once the I/O Aggregator is installed, you may not be able to control the volume buttons outside of Pro Tools, even if Pro Tools is not open.

once installed you should get the relevant packs depending on the plan you have, including the free trial version. You can find plenty of other people who are having this problem.There are also many troubleshooting videos available on iLink. Similarly.

Pro Tools is more about getting down to business than looks, but updated preferences now let you instantly change from Classic Mode to Dark Mode without restarting Pro Tools.

  • Introduction: 3.5/5

Avid Pro Tools: New features

Avid Pro Tools Review

Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts are now fully customizable

  • Customizable shortcuts, on-screen keyboard, EuCon status bar for switching

Whatever you want to do, from quantizing while recording to scoring blockbusters, Avid Pro Tools lets you deliver broadcast-quality sound in high quality, globally.

Such a flexible setup is mouse independent. The legendary speed and dexterity of Pro Tools Professionals is the main reason they continue to use the program. This efficiency can be further improved with Pro Tools’ full keyboard shortcut customization capabilities.

Meanwhile, Avid’s pursuit of smaller music creatives means improvements to basic features such as new keyboards, allowing you to play MIDI instruments without external gear.

As a public beta, version 2022.12 can run natively on Apple M1 and M2 silicon processors. Hopefully this will start to address the obvious roadblocks.Pro Tools 22.12.0 improves marker compatibility with Media composer and further improves video capabilities.

You can now access a dedicated EuCon (Euphonix Control) status control in the Edit window toolbar to toggle Pro Tools on and off. EuCon is an increasingly popular Ethernet-based «control surface to application» protocol for maximum bandwidth, resolution and control.

  • New: 4/5

Avid Pro Tools: Industry standards

Avid Pro Tools Review

New on-screen keyboard

  • Updates make Pro Tools more compatible with other apps and systems

Once you’ve mastered a large, adaptable app with potential speed and power that so many audio professionals have, why would you want to make a change? But it’s still worth it for studios with a large number of high-end, high-demand clients.

Likewise, if an individual feels pressured by the “industry standard” trope and finds Pro Tools difficult to use for music production, there is no reason to use it. Remember all those prosumer cameras that were marketed because they were close to industry standards.

Sound has to be of high quality, but that kind of pressure doesn’t nurture creativity and can keep you away from music technology for life.Avid wants to enter the bedroom recording market as a DAW. There may be, but it’s competing with easier, certainly less intrusive, and much cheaper options with about the same skill set.

This should not cause any conflicts. That’s because Pro Tools is so robust, versatile, and flexible that artists and creatives working in other compatible DAWs like Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro, and Acoustica can easily access the files and files of their finished projects. Because you can select stems and work in Pro Tools. They often use Open Media Framework (OMF) files. A set of keyboard shortcuts from either of these DAWS can now also be loaded into Pro Tools. It’s also because Pro Tools practitioners are so professional that musicians know what their work is doing (and currently have to financially service subscriptions) not) because you can be sure it is controlled by people).

Choose Ultimate’s 30-day free trial and you’ll already be familiar with iLink. In conclusion, if you only want to download Pro Tools Intro, please note that purchasing a paid version will apply the iLok authorization protocol along with your subscription.

  • Industry Standard: 4/5

Avid Pro Tools: Scorecard

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Pricing and plans Free version and 3 paid versions Four
getting started requires iLink designed for professional audio equipment 3.5
new function Packed with tools to enhance your workflow Four
Industry standard Improved compatibility with industry apps Four

Should I buy?

Avid Pro Tools Review

Pro Tools now lets you change modes from Dark to Classic without rebooting

Buy it if…

  • Need to produce large amounts of audio material in a variety of formats on a large scale
  • Like a pro, willing to take the time to use all functions with shortcuts
  • Requires an industry standard audio editor

Don’t buy it if…

  • Feeling that the level of contact required for technical support is taking longer than necessary
  • Using another professional high-end DAW for sound production


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