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Очки Apple Glasses могут проецировать экран прямо на ваши глазные яблоки
(Изображение предоставлено USPTO / Apple) Технология, описанная в патенте, звучит как сложная компоновка контроллеров, сканирующих зеркал, эллипсоидного зеркала и проектора, хотя в патенте ...
Эти умные очки для плавания походят на Peloton для бассейна.
About the Item... Thank you for your interest! Up for your consideration is a new in box, Peloton Land Solutions glass. The glass measures about 3 1/2 inches tall. Kindly refer to the pics and make an informed decision. Reasons Why this Item Deserves Your Business…I’m an eBay Buyer too. I buy items on eBay too; hence, I treat my customers like I would be treated – package an item with care, ship out within 24 hours of payment, keep the buyer informed.I give my eBay listings serious thought. I check eBay at least once a day if I have an item listed so I can respond to questions within a reasonable amount of time.Every item shipped gets a USPS tracking number. Regardless if it may cost me money. Period.Each item listed is accompanied with as many pictures as possible. Each item is photographed respectfully – I cannot understand why you would photograph an item on your hardwood / carpet / tile floor. Dude, keep the item I’m interested in on a clean surface!Every item gets a clear, concise description (measurements, even!)The shipping charge is accurate. I’ve sold few items and come up with the most sensible charge to offset the eBay Final Value Fees (eBay takes a cut for the item AND shipping), PayPal, the envelope for packaging, the 85 cent USPS charge for tracking, and the trip to the Post Office.More Stuff About Item & Seller…I’m just your ordinary, hardworking American living in Texas. As of mid-September 2012, and after several auctions of some of my personal tees on eBay, I purposely sourced a few more pre-owned ones and (now more items!). I enjoy doing business on eBay - if you've read this far, you are definitely a customer that I look forward to sharing a great eBay experience with!Buy this item and I will follow you around like a puppy until you are The Happiest eBay Buyer in the World!Back to Business…Combined Shipping: yes, I do offer it – contact me first so I can adjust your invoice for all your items.Please contact me anytime if you have any...
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